2 months ago
Cursed Baldski
3 months ago
It’s Here
9 months ago
Poppin Music Video Trailer
Brenya 8 hours ago
Heard this yesterday in Hungary at Reserved.
Brenya 8 hours ago
Heard this yesterday in Hungary at Reversed
Cryptic 8 hours ago
Now he has 3
lewis couzins
lewis couzins 8 hours ago
The diagonal fade had me creasing
Tariq Puyol
Tariq Puyol 8 hours ago
Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha omggggg 2021
CreeperPlayz 8 hours ago
KSI knows he got destroyed
Jason #####
Jason ##### 8 hours ago
when logan/jake paul fans have one up on u, bloody hell
MikiJoe Joe
MikiJoe Joe 8 hours ago
Dont lie u thought md was a drug
Tiana Chakwendama
Tiana Chakwendama 8 hours ago
Kevin Luoma
Kevin Luoma 8 hours ago
Om last
Karasay__ 8 hours ago
I'm the last one, bitch.
Kevin Luoma
Kevin Luoma 8 hours ago
YB munashe
YB munashe 8 hours ago
4:01 vio actually did a madness there tbf
Thera Drury
Thera Drury 8 hours ago
proud of how far in rap you have come brodie🤌🏼
Resurrection Edits
Resurrection Edits 8 hours ago
Should have watch the second would have been much different
Yukki Yamamoto
Yukki Yamamoto 8 hours ago
It's so amazing that KSI improved his boxing in second match like crazy man big respect
luii poeta
luii poeta 8 hours ago
The auto tune tho
DanSciFi 8 hours ago
JJ’s clone reacting to the fight
DSO 8 hours ago
New and upcoming youtuber here I think
WILKU97 8 hours ago
I came here after listening to fimilar voice on radio here in Poland xD I knew it's ksi's voice but didnt really hear other songs anywhere else than USposts.
PureDarkneS⃠ 8 hours ago
I love how the music gets faster when he crosses the police at 4:25😂😂
dogo 8 hours ago
no one gives a shit bring back cheese strings
babatunde 8 hours ago
I'm getting this in my recommended 7 years later
Tiny Girl
Tiny Girl 9 hours ago
Hey im here from a USpostsr’s Outro it superbbb😻 Thanks For letting us use this masterpiece 🔥😍 Subscribed😻
wahaj qamar
wahaj qamar 9 hours ago
WetLike Toto
WetLike Toto 9 hours ago
Fifa 14 was the best fifa if not 2nd best fifa ever
quinn Roggendorf
quinn Roggendorf 9 hours ago
Best song much love <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 fired
Red panda
Red panda 9 hours ago
JJ: *Breaths* Deji: He is making fun of dead people
Royal Ninja
Royal Ninja 9 hours ago
The bass boosted 👁👄👁
Quinn Quinn
Quinn Quinn 9 hours ago
Ksi.... You are not bad Ksi: (Jan's safe Face)
Ahmad Nazir Nawazi
Ahmad Nazir Nawazi 9 hours ago
my dad killed like 20 people
Ahmad Nazir Nawazi
Ahmad Nazir Nawazi 9 hours ago
bruh fuck u ksi my dad and sis not crowed
Z1x99 Cxz
Z1x99 Cxz 9 hours ago
I’m in 2021
Ben Kills
Ben Kills 9 hours ago
Fat neek
Ibrahim Nadif
Ibrahim Nadif 9 hours ago
only if he got this hyper in 2021 btw last
Sell Out
Sell Out 9 hours ago
This song was teleased a day after I flew on holiday and this was basically my theme song for those 2 weeks
Yusuf Emir Alakuş
Yusuf Emir Alakuş 9 hours ago
he created tiktok 8 years ago..
Beef Beeg
Beef Beeg 9 hours ago
4 years ago
Beef Beeg
Beef Beeg 9 hours ago
Jeez last comment again
Strafed 9 hours ago
i cant comprehend that this was 3 years ago
Beef Beeg
Beef Beeg 9 hours ago
Bro no one has commented since 8 years?
Imraan 0165
Imraan 0165 9 hours ago
Beef Beeg
Beef Beeg 9 hours ago
Last comment maybe
GAMING ON TV 9 hours ago
Can't wait for KSI vs Joke Paul fight
Sos YXL 9 hours ago
II-PSYCHO-II 10 hours ago
Ay bro everyone did amazing but lil baby killed it
Fozia Abdillahi
Fozia Abdillahi 10 hours ago
Now i want to see Anne-Marie vs Jake Paul
Anonymous 10 hours ago
Floyd can say whatever he wants to anybody because who’s walking into them hands for free
MS 5
MS 5 10 hours ago
I bet ever sneakerhead here is getting such a headache seeing jj throwing thos fire creps
logan sovereign
logan sovereign 10 hours ago
the first beat goes hard tho yall gotta admit
Louise Sherritt
Louise Sherritt 10 hours ago
omg im adicted to this song love you both
Aisha Abdulhamid
Aisha Abdulhamid 10 hours ago
Hue G Rection
Hue G Rection 10 hours ago
Anyone here in March 2021
2I4s 10 hours ago
This is an audio book
yubo55 10 hours ago
second time watching it and saw him doing it to a baby and she cried lol
Envvy Slime
Envvy Slime 10 hours ago
“Joes a bleeder, he bleeds easily” like no bruh he’s getting his ass beat that’s what
Xmas 10 hours ago
Jj was so freaking shredded here bro
Esau Sibanda
Esau Sibanda 10 hours ago
Get hyper!!!
Georgie Prince
Georgie Prince 10 hours ago
Anyone here after watching the video of Simon on tik tok?
Arlie Pearson
Arlie Pearson 10 hours ago
Who's come back to watch this?
Iqbal studio
Iqbal studio 10 hours ago
Grace Rich
Grace Rich 10 hours ago
I love this song
Sheep Kisser 123
Sheep Kisser 123 10 hours ago
Don’t get me wrong I fucking hate Logan Paul but jj didn’t beat him up lol
Seif Al Naggar
Seif Al Naggar 10 hours ago
fat neek
1000 Cc
1000 Cc 10 hours ago
Nathan Maher
Nathan Maher 11 hours ago
PLEASE play this at Reading festiavl!
Milo Thornhill-Davis
Milo Thornhill-Davis 11 hours ago
Vidal is sick a legend
dukaimi van der zwaag
dukaimi van der zwaag 11 hours ago
Anyone here in 2021 February?
raging_allday247 11 hours ago
9.9m viewed cmon 10 millllllllll!!
Alanardo1989 11 hours ago
I've lost count at the amount of times I've watched this over the years 😂
cam illingworth
cam illingworth 11 hours ago
This better be on at leeds fest
MirPlays Among Us
MirPlays Among Us 11 hours ago
JME ruined it in my opinion
Leanne Ajao
Leanne Ajao 11 hours ago
I love the song
funny username
funny username 11 hours ago
Idk what u guys are on, tobis part is gas. The sound works fine with it
astar76 11 hours ago
I like how one of the balls hit the camera
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin 11 hours ago
TWRK - Micker Donald M'z (feat. Tion Wayne & Fly Nick Keno) [Original Mix]
Adamski123 11 hours ago
Dylan James
Dylan James 11 hours ago
This is on my recommended
ameliia 11 hours ago
why’s everyone here at the same time?
unzile mehmeti
unzile mehmeti 11 hours ago
Fr tho-
preet bajwa
preet bajwa 11 hours ago
in 2021