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GingerDark 11 days ago
After even further calculations, the force behind Little Mac's punch, taking into account his entire body weight of 49 kilograms, is a WHOPPING 60000 NEWTONS. At this point, Little Mac is doing far, far more than breaking your bones; he's basically punching the person behind you with your body as his boxing glove. yep little mac is stronger then u
SvM Was The Sheet
SvM Was The Sheet 15 days ago
9:45 haha mincing back into the pool like he's bout to start heavy petting with the Mrs. 😂😂
SvM Was The Sheet
SvM Was The Sheet 15 days ago
40,000 what? 35/40 what lmfao Utter B.S
gold d draka
gold d draka 18 days ago
if i don't heard right or he sayin in the begins its your boy ksimon 0:00
StAt1c CLAN 20 days ago
Dainy Jose
Dainy Jose Month ago
Ksi and jake should do this just to see who hits harder guaranteed its ksi
Wavyy Month ago
Matthew 3:2
Wavyy Month ago
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon
That Guy
That Guy Month ago
9:36 sounds really sus with your eyes closed
DespairFN 2 months ago
The LIL T 2 months ago
2020 anyone?
Ali Zunaif
Ali Zunaif 4 months ago
6:00 KSI probably imagining that power hitter is Logan's Face
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 5 hours ago
When he does it now it would be jake’s face
TheBananaPeel 4 months ago
Serve_ Da_Master
Serve_ Da_Master 4 months ago
9:52 why does he go from a bit chubby to ripped in like a second
Umar Haneef
Umar Haneef 5 months ago
No way Babtunde understood all of this
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 6 months ago
How hard is that in pounds
Fatima Shibi
Fatima Shibi 6 months ago
Nice 🔥🔥🔥 so u can knock out the pauls 😎👍👍👍
KOM 5 months ago
Fatima Shibi what year u livin in?
Gaxah 6 months ago
9:22 goes down as KSI, comes up as Auntie😂
Mark Bodrogi
Mark Bodrogi 6 months ago
Thats crazy JJ got 42k with gloves that are heavier than 10 oz and Ngannou has 129k with a 4 oz that there for comparison
styledsloth 789
styledsloth 789 7 months ago
My dude forrest griffin
Mark Hutchings
Mark Hutchings 7 months ago
I reckon I could hit harder than ksi but his speed is quite impressive I don't think I could get any where close to his speed.
mayo 6 months ago
He aint got no speed tf
Nelson Green
Nelson Green 7 months ago
The hardest I could punch is 2387 psi I'm 16 btw never skip arm day. never
KOM 5 months ago
Nelson Green thass pretty weak
Tom 123
Tom 123 7 months ago
Just for the record this is the same machine that Francis ngannou scored 124,000 or some like that with a right overhand.
I Was A Youtuber
I Was A Youtuber 5 months ago
Yea but KSI used gloves that were over 10 oz while he used 4 oz gloves, I think idk someone said that
Bartek Grzenda
Bartek Grzenda 7 months ago
they should've put logans head on the thing
Pasha Namir
Pasha Namir 7 months ago
am I the only one that misses the high edited kind of vlog/lifestyle videos on this channel like I love the whole second channel jokes content but this is pretty sick to
A 6
A 6 7 months ago
Francis Ngannou, the hardest hitter in the UFC has a score of more than 3 times of KSI's score.
Mrtamps 7 months ago
JJ straight punch: 40k units Francis ngannou:130k units. Insane
Aaron 7 months ago
Force = mass x acceleration and JJ probably punches faster than Ngannou...
Musa Khan
Musa Khan 7 months ago
He has beautiful boxing gloves
Adrien FUT
Adrien FUT 8 months ago
KSI vs Francis ngannou. Let arrange it
Coolkid76 8 months ago
How hard can KSI punch a punch machine less than 800 because Logan beat him less than 900
Ismail Limani
Ismail Limani 8 months ago
Francis ngannou hot 129k 😱😱
Jetsada Boonying
Jetsada Boonying 8 months ago
But this is not how ksi punch He doesn't punch like that he punch like a windmill.
Alex Campos
Alex Campos 9 months ago
Jj has absolute powerrr
Blahblahitsanoob 10 months ago
I really wish i knew how hard can i punch but im still a kid but i Learned karate for a few months
watching juleOreact
watching juleOreact 11 months ago
That is something i dlike to see every boxer and mma fighter do because that seem much more accurate compare to an arcade punching machine and we would know who really got the most power
Matthew White
Matthew White 11 months ago
Who wanna see ksi vs Floyd money Mayweather
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 5 hours ago
Well... not JJ But logan is going to become the new nate robinson
Jbrap 11 months ago
Came here cuz Logan beat him in the punch machine
Jetskiboy _
Jetskiboy _ 11 months ago
Do you need 20 mil subs to go there
Julia Hechler
Julia Hechler Year ago
So now we know why he punched after the bell one time: He's just used to waiting for the PowerCube to ding and then punch.
BaM Chronicles
BaM Chronicles Year ago
Firas Zahabi is 160lbs and 6’ he hits the powerkube over 60k with a right hand. This is why you couldn’t knock Logan out. You don’t know boxing like you think you do obviously cause your punches lack technique
Age Restrictions
Age Restrictions Year ago
If you move your hips a little more, you could generate more power
Julia Hechler
Julia Hechler Year ago
Not yet
R0gans0n 2oo4
R0gans0n 2oo4 Year ago
Julia Hechler
Julia Hechler Year ago
Not yet
Shakel Hall
Shakel Hall Year ago
Who else saw the video of how hard the sidemen can punch and jj got to 30000 something and he got 40000
Will Mclaughlin
Will Mclaughlin Year ago
Need to punch through the enemy he is not doing it
Shawn Wing
Shawn Wing Year ago
Just so everyone knows a ufc fighter Francis got like 129,000 on this lol
Mario Grondzi
Mario Grondzi Year ago
I punch every time invalid😂😂😂
Senjoeadv Year ago
Imagine that deontay wilder do this how much can he punch ?
Mxntyッ Year ago
If that is measured in Newton’s he can easily brake most of your bones
Kyle Webster
Kyle Webster Year ago
Who’s here after ksi snacked the shit out of Logan for the 2 time let’s goooo
Soft Drink
Soft Drink Year ago
The funeral was nice :)
Bryan The Brownie
Bryan The Brownie Year ago
4:25 every husband coaching his wife through pregnancy
Nika Tsintsadze
Nika Tsintsadze Year ago
dont forget jj said he is much stronger now
mikail shakes
mikail shakes 2 months ago
How much stronger ?
Jovani Killer
Jovani Killer Year ago
KSI do another one of these before 2nd fight
Jacob Torres
Jacob Torres Year ago
4:39 rip logan
mikail shakes
mikail shakes 2 months ago
That's just one stat, he's probably not as comparable to a UFC fighter as most people think
BYTE 101
BYTE 101 Year ago
Oi Ik
Zoë Carson
Zoë Carson Year ago
Aww mate imagine how hard he's punching now. That bulk is gonna take Logan by surprise i'm telling you
rupa rabeya
rupa rabeya Year ago
definition of super sayin because hes getting stronger by fighting so really he is goku ultra instinct fuck beerus
Donovan Avila
Donovan Avila Year ago
Where can I get the powerkunbe
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez Year ago
You trash ksi
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 5 hours ago
Say what you want He’s influential You’re probably a 900 pound keyboard warrior
Letoi Aselemo
Letoi Aselemo Year ago
6:35 he can do a lot better here...arm is not fully extended there for less power.
irony Year ago
Francis ngannou did 129,000 on the straight right. Obviously not comparing a pro fighter with a USpostsr, that would be silly. But just there so everyone can guage the difference.
Kaan Köksal | LLN
Kaan Köksal | LLN Year ago
irony Francis Ngannou is also a 270 pound heavyweight monster who is known to be the hardest puncher in the UFC by a lightyear. Not really a good comparison. JJ is comparable to a middleweight if we’re looking at height and weight, and according to Forrest Griffin his strength/power is comparable to that of an average UFC Middleweight. Comparing a middleweight with a heavyweight doesn’t make sense, there’s an 80 pound difference lol
Victor Mora
Victor Mora Year ago
should have put the allistar overeem ko
Spencer Will
Spencer Will Year ago
Intro song?
ZY-V1 RL Year ago
I can punch 41,233
Danial Khan Kha
Danial Khan Kha Year ago
Go watch Darthvader
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy Year ago
Yo JJ what is that intro song
Zagros A
Zagros A Year ago
Does anyone know what it was measured in?
William Pickthall
William Pickthall Year ago
6:38 lol straight he has a bent arm
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 5 hours ago
Can I join the argument???
YKTV 420
YKTV 420 11 months ago
@xentua 💀 both of u under 12
xentua Year ago
@Christopher you sound about 10 😂😂 dont chat shit to me little kid
Christopher Year ago
@xentua And you play gta and you can't even make it to level 100😂😂
xentua Year ago
And you play clash of clans you could barely get 10k lmaoooo
William Pickthall
William Pickthall Year ago
0:32 Spider-Man is real??
Zaakir Mi'raj
Zaakir Mi'raj Year ago
@Hoosayne it means this comment is funny but its have way too little likes.Apology for my bad inglish
Hoosayne Year ago
@Zaakir Mi'raj I don't get it
Zaakir Mi'raj
Zaakir Mi'raj Year ago
This is so underated
TheePierre Year ago
ksi was in the 30,000s and 40,000s francis hardest punch was in the 129,000s
A P Year ago
Shame all your form goes out the window when you fight
Mason 520
Mason 520 Year ago
2:27 jj olatunjji
pin us
pin us Year ago
2:11 look at that sneaky Forrest griffin
Vize_Arctic Year ago
6:20 I do not want to fuck with this man Jesus Christ wtf
Pigomatic Year ago
oh yeah yeah
King Scar
King Scar Year ago
lol francais ngannou had over 129.000 score
MadDawg1234 Year ago
Ksi wearing boxing gloves
Cthulhu Year ago
Your comparing an amateur to a pro.
Sebble Pebble
Sebble Pebble Year ago
My friend switched from KSI to Logan Paul
A mar
A mar Year ago
Nice air max 270's JJ
NGX Marouf
NGX Marouf Year ago
He did this for 9 months and got a draw hahaha
Plasmo Wiz
Plasmo Wiz Year ago
They should of done it when he is in full form
Plasmo Wiz
Plasmo Wiz Year ago
I know why ksi wore a top :)
MGC Year ago
KSI best
Thunder Year ago
All of ksi’s punches are pretty normal except for his jabs. He has good jabs, very sturdy and fast
Dylan Raleigh
Dylan Raleigh Year ago
@Eryjdk Dudhe so u are a pro boxer now are ya
Thunder Year ago
@Eryjdk Dudhe ok mr keyboard warrior
Eryjdk Dudhe
Eryjdk Dudhe Year ago
They are all honestly bad. 40k for a boxer is awful
Lil Denz
Lil Denz Year ago
8:10 was 35026 not 40219
Catherine Sarte
Catherine Sarte Year ago
Sounds like ksi is sneezing
Rebecca Riley
Rebecca Riley Year ago
Logan is better
bianca arce
bianca arce Year ago
You suke
dazyx Year ago
4:28 when you pushing that shit out
Kevin Chimborazo
Kevin Chimborazo Year ago
Goes in water with bandana
Azazel-_xl Year ago
he’s actually wearing real Cleto Reyes, $200 gloves. I wonder what size probably 12-16 oz
joey Howard
joey Howard Year ago
Not very hard
5 Co
5 Co Year ago
2 men siting in a hot tub 1in away because they’re very gay
Opinions Year ago
How is this measured?
Siłauderzenia Year ago
be accelerometres at known resistanc be air pressure inside which is little suspicious because pressure need time to increase while accelerometres measure immediatelly.
tea VS coffee
tea VS coffee Year ago
Your going to lose
Ruben Batzar
Ruben Batzar Year ago
Is your name kis
Edison Zucker
Edison Zucker Year ago
Breaking no nut November 5:00
josito94 Year ago
How much would I do in this cube? I'm an average guy that goes to gym everyday
Siłauderzenia Year ago
for egzample your jab =short range of motion is alot weaker than your cross at full lenght =faster=stronger /bigger peak force.
Siłauderzenia Year ago
10 k to 200k its scale limit until you dont try its hard to say everything depend on your weight acceleration range of motion arm setup at impact moment .
GJB Sarmeri
GJB Sarmeri Year ago
8:05 Those are powerful but really a shit technique
Hassan the one
Hassan the one Year ago
I have over 50 years of boxing experience
Roarz1x Year ago
It’s over 9000
Reikfo Year ago
i would play 10000 $ grand thati can take yuo down by 3rd round
samuel alonso
samuel alonso Year ago
I punch harder :v
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