KSI - Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp) [Behind The Scenes]

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9 months ago

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Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com

Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Behind The Scenes Shot and Edited by: @_o93c
#KSI #LilPump #Smokepurpp

BCF Neir
BCF Neir Month ago
Quarantine vibes
Brandon Beaulieu
Brandon Beaulieu Month ago
I’m geeked up like dexter
Brandon Beaulieu
Brandon Beaulieu Month ago
TheThistle Gunner
TheThistle Gunner Month ago
Finally one million. Took a while troops but we did it
Tyler Willard
Tyler Willard Month ago
It’s at 999.8k views😂😂
mistic Month ago
This video has 999k likes
Adamulla Month ago
999k views!!! Legend
TheThistle Gunner
TheThistle Gunner 2 months ago
So close to one million views, I’ve been checking up on the view count on this vid for ages as it was under a mil
Zaki Chan
Zaki Chan 2 months ago
Why this video hasn't reached a million views yet
韓大韓 2 months ago
This breaks my ocd
TobyTube 2 months ago
Dazzling Divya
Dazzling Divya 3 months ago
cool fox ?
cool fox ? 3 months ago
I want to see more of this trio
GetWrecked1267 4 months ago
I bet next he will have 69 next
draven moorhead
draven moorhead 4 months ago
But king bach's dancin do
Joel 4 months ago
Whose bored in quarantine
Omar Sharif
Omar Sharif 4 months ago
Get this to one million views please
IHopegood 5 months ago
Not even a million? Is this a KSI video?
Nqoor 4 months ago
Angel Tejada
Angel Tejada 5 months ago
My neck has Ebola guys
Adis mezini
Adis mezini 6 months ago
I love poopin
More CheezeMaGee
More CheezeMaGee 5 months ago
Adis mezini no
Zach Carrick
Zach Carrick 6 months ago
This is such a good song
More CheezeMaGee
More CheezeMaGee 5 months ago
Zach Carrick no
Hatibrella 6 months ago
So they just edited a video which was supposed to be showing us how they did it
dizzy 6 months ago
Smokepurpp carried this track
韓大韓 6 months ago
Road to 1M
TOMZY HD 6 months ago
Would’ve loved to see how pump and especially purp interacted with KSI especially cause in this it looks like pumps there for the money and purpp looks depressed
a_boyella 6 months ago
Come on guys get it to a million views
SWE 6 months ago
Lil pump did really good in this song not like on his songs
grandad the strip king
grandad the strip king 7 months ago
The only video that doesn't have over a million views in a while
Salma 7 months ago
He always has to sing with someone because he knows he’s trash :)
Ksi needs to remember where hes from and stop trying to sound like hes from Americar... Andrex is for your ass not your mouth..
Viktor Olsson
Viktor Olsson 7 months ago
Mmm yes my wrist got corona my neck got Ebola. Make sense.
Daniel Tait
Daniel Tait 7 months ago
can't wait for the behind the scenes for the behind the scenes
Let´sMüsli 7 months ago
Y'all really still hate on Lil Pump. Bro it's clear he's not being serious. He knows he's dumb, that's why his music is fun.
Barelona Fan
Barelona Fan 7 months ago
Wow lol
Lukless 7 months ago
1:15 spam that
BX OFFICIAL 7 months ago
I didn't know purpp looked like that
Mike Frzn
Mike Frzn 7 months ago
I give this song a solid 9.7/10
Mike Frzn
Mike Frzn 7 months ago
Not gonna lie this song is probably my favourite KSI song.
Ph3nX 7 months ago
Is that Bailey Sok at 1:22 lmao wait she appears everywhere
Vevo Lyrics
Vevo Lyrics 7 months ago
This song sound track hurt my ear
Epicsam 7 months ago
Nice music video mate👍
Abood VI
Abood VI 7 months ago
I miss the old KSI
MouldyFish 7 months ago
Lol I thought it said poopin 😂
Cynical Paradox
Cynical Paradox 7 months ago
“Look at my wrist, corona. My neck got Ebola.” ~2020 rap
Swapnil Abey
Swapnil Abey 7 months ago
It's interesting to see how the behind the scenes video looks just like a music video
No name
No name 7 months ago
JJ duke
JJ duke 7 months ago
When lil pump and smok purp have no features they go to a has been youtuber lmfaoooo
Happy1 AnimalLover
Happy1 AnimalLover 7 months ago
Anyoje else know the female dancer, she's called bailey i think
sashank k
sashank k 7 months ago
waiting and exited for the behind the scenes
eveee 8 months ago
Wait this is the behind the scenes I didn’t realize 😅
Undertakerfan70 8 months ago
Why not even a million views lol
Gastonykg 1
Gastonykg 1 8 months ago
Imagine ksi with snitch nine
ridley c.
ridley c. 8 months ago
this should be the actual mv the cameras are a good touch
Hope's Tv
Hope's Tv 8 months ago
Who else sees bailey sok?
Farhaan Ahmed
Farhaan Ahmed 8 months ago
This has no views his main channel fell off lol
Nqoor 8 months ago
Muaz_10 8 months ago
Love this music💯💯🔥
backpackbacon 8 months ago
Why u using suicde boys beat
Ryan Nagle
Ryan Nagle 8 months ago
way to go for social distancing....
JEA19 8 months ago
Was filmed before...
max 8 months ago
fire music
Roche fort6
Roche fort6 8 months ago
Hate to say it, but every KSI song gets carried by every artist on that song but him. Not even his songs at that point.
postdalaroi 8 months ago
Before 1M
Jude Whu
Jude Whu 8 months ago
How did they record this during Coruna
super Mario fan 888
super Mario fan 888 8 months ago
Well in UK there was no distance
Manuel Cuallado
Manuel Cuallado 8 months ago
what a sensational piece of crap
Steve D
Steve D 8 months ago
Congrats KSI another song that lyrics can't be understood...shocked!!!
Srdjan Ristanovic
Srdjan Ristanovic 8 months ago
Why his bigger yt channel has smaller amount of views than smaller yt channel
Chance Stose
Chance Stose 8 months ago
i wonder how much he payed for these features also the trippie redd one. this shit ass asf
Trying to get 10k subscribers challenge in 2020
Trying to get 10k subscribers challenge in 2020 8 months ago
Hi you great person I hope you have a great day 🙂
master gamer Holden
master gamer Holden 8 months ago
this is nice but dont say the n
Nikhil Halbe
Nikhil Halbe 8 months ago
Lil pump's verse was so big brain 🧠🧠🧠
Twitch_StarLord_ 8 months ago
Oh... I was surely gunna ignore this as a BTS vid but oh wow... M/V in a BTS *FOR* the M/V, this is interesting haha. ~Random Discord ★St☆rry♕
slightly amused black kid from the suburbs
slightly amused black kid from the suburbs 8 months ago
Damn lil pump low-key went hard in this, and Im one of those dudes that doesn't really vibe with alotta mainstream stuff
nickfree63 8 months ago
Dont rlly like this but i dont like lil pump and smokepurpp so if it was just ksi i think itd be a different story
Jonathan williams
Jonathan williams 8 months ago
Lil pump is the best on this song and that’s saying how bad ksi and smoke is
Dxrk 8 months ago
How'd he get all of these artists on his tracks
Kayze 07
Kayze 07 8 months ago
Tbh lil pump ruins it 😂
Aidan Lin
Aidan Lin 8 months ago
I love how king Bach is in the back at the end of the song
Aidan Lin
Aidan Lin 8 months ago
2:54 and 3:01
The Demon
The Demon 8 months ago
He isn't only at the end of the song
Jakeyy2 8 months ago
bruh rice gum has nothing on this lmao
Ugyen Lhendup
Ugyen Lhendup 8 months ago
This lil pump ruined the vibe of the song 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 8 months ago
You can't tell me that beat isn't coverd from "What The Fuck Is Happening" from the $uicideboy$
GodlyArm 8 months ago
Only OG will remember KSIOlajidebtHD V2..
TGR the galactic Republic
TGR the galactic Republic 8 months ago
Look at my wrist Corona my neck got ebola
VoxChambo 8 months ago
Smokepurpp and Lil pump look like nice guys irl
sneakerhead 2573
sneakerhead 2573 8 months ago
My younger brother doenst know who smokepurpp is
roshan basu
roshan basu 8 months ago
Whats the dancers name fam?
123 002
123 002 8 months ago
Ksi and smokepurp make a good duo
Andreas Tanti
Andreas Tanti 8 months ago
Houdini is so much better than this
Eu Jhn
Eu Jhn 8 months ago
Zeru Beyene
Zeru Beyene 8 months ago
0:57 he highkey sounds like X
Nishant Todi
Nishant Todi 8 months ago
That’s why the music video was shit. You should’ve gotten Kon to shoot it
Yosh Monster Productions
Yosh Monster Productions 8 months ago
This was pretty bad
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts 8 months ago
Why tf King Bach in this 😂
Lil Jay icy
Lil Jay icy 8 months ago
KSi got fire beats
Angel chavez
Angel chavez 8 months ago
Illuminati with anual and pump already has way more views than this
no hott dogg 2.0
no hott dogg 2.0 8 months ago
alice lyl
alice lyl 8 months ago
This s#£k...... Ksi raping bro
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson 8 months ago
Lil pump is the type of guy to tell his fish to remind him that nobody likes him
Nex 8 months ago
this before lil pump messed up
Ibby 8 months ago
This song is horrible
BTB 8 months ago
Lil Pump represents every 12 year old COD player
Fortnite Fortnite
Fortnite Fortnite 8 months ago
Feat another song with lil pump
basherblast 8 months ago
Someone PLEASE tell me why the behind the scenes is better then the actually music video
JDCrafterplays 9 months ago
It's not behind the scenes, it's a 2nd music video
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