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PlatinumPlanes 18 hours ago
Who is jj oulantu
Junior Junior
Junior Junior Day ago
It was a pussy fight
AHMED B 2 days ago
The real winners are the viewers who watched the fight illegally on Twitch. ny watching on someone glasses
Gustavo Sabillon
Gustavo Sabillon 4 days ago
You end up wining any way
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 4 days ago
The one time I'll be happy about the United Kingdom beating the United States
France Lorence Narvasa
France Lorence Narvasa 4 days ago
why im i still here?
Hdys Hehehd
Hdys Hehehd Day ago
Quarnell Weedon
Quarnell Weedon 6 days ago
There should not have been a second fight
SEANYY AMVs 6 days ago
If Jake had ran to ksi vidal would have dashed his head omo my guy was feeling big
DreamyGusty 8 days ago
You used a fake thumbnail just no
Quintin Aparente
Quintin Aparente 8 days ago
I am from the future and you have won the fight your next objective is to beat the shit out of jake paul
Bevis Thomas
Bevis Thomas 9 days ago
why am I here now
TrailerMaster 101
TrailerMaster 101 9 days ago
this is the amount of ppl watching this in 2021 👇
TrailerMaster 101
TrailerMaster 101 9 days ago
@DaGe PaPo ok
DaGe PaPo
DaGe PaPo 9 days ago
@TrailerMaster 101 ur begging for likes
TrailerMaster 101
TrailerMaster 101 9 days ago
@DaGe PaPo Whats that suppose to mean
DaGe PaPo
DaGe PaPo 9 days ago
DaGe PaPo
DaGe PaPo 9 days ago
Samson Selvasegaram
Samson Selvasegaram 9 days ago
I see you blood vessel
S !!
S !! 10 days ago
The good old days when ksi don’t have chettos hair
Nishan Sp
Nishan Sp 12 days ago
5:27 im just wondering the whole time why randolph was there
The flap flapper YT HD
The flap flapper YT HD 13 days ago
Anthony Marin Barajas
Anthony Marin Barajas 14 days ago
Ben Richards
Ben Richards 14 days ago
Anyone getting this recommended in 2021
ox Louise xo lol
ox Louise xo lol 14 days ago
At the very end the ref smacked logans arse 😂 🤣
Too_eazY 16 days ago
yo his left eye is red......
Carlos Pimentel
Carlos Pimentel 17 days ago
r we gonna ignore whats wrong with one of his eyes ?
Toxicc riot
Toxicc riot 17 days ago
7:24 thiss boy loves to clinch little did ksi know.....
Meme Master
Meme Master 17 days ago
This does not seem 2 years ago
Muthana Yunus
Muthana Yunus 18 days ago
logan was so toxic at the start
Muthana Yunus
Muthana Yunus 18 days ago
anyone realize left eye is red
THEU9NOOB 21 day ago
in first fight if he beat logan in round 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 ksi would have win
Adam Wahabi
Adam Wahabi 25 days ago
“Lactic acid” ksi thinking he is a scientist 😂
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 2 days ago
Remember chemistry rap???
PoPGVRA 25 days ago
Back when his hair looked good
Meharunnisa Thoombil
Meharunnisa Thoombil 25 days ago
Am i the only seeing the blood on his left eyes
jminion 955
jminion 955 27 days ago
What is with your left eye
Usestarcode_Tomout 09
Usestarcode_Tomout 09 29 days ago
Ksi don’t get to hyped, you only won because he got 2 points taken away but still it was a big fat W for England
Datbi 29 days ago
16:01 jj being a scientist
Saadi Adib
Saadi Adib Month ago
Jj won ayyy the 2nd version so jj is better than logan
Unknown 1
Unknown 1 Month ago
I’m deji
Naybahood Rolling
Naybahood Rolling Month ago
Show us ur forehead 😜
Do you know da wae
Do you know da wae Month ago
Who’s here after logan announced his match against floyd mayweather?
RunMyFade Month ago
nate clenches more tho🤣🤣🤣
GrizzlyMotion Month ago
Mohammed Jamal
Mohammed Jamal Month ago
Faarik Akhtar
Faarik Akhtar Month ago
Grand fag
Grand fag Month ago
Callum L
Callum L Month ago
"I needed to just get up in his shit because he hates that He hates it when you're right up close to him and fucking the shit out of him" Are you still talking about the fight JJ?
Don P
Don P Month ago
JJ really tried to make an excuse for his sloppy boxing🤣
Joe S
Joe S Month ago
And he still won. Stay mad
ohburgerking Month ago
Logan really said he lost because he sneezed 3 times....
Gon Freecss
Gon Freecss Month ago
Whos here after logan won
Halosain Swavvy
Halosain Swavvy Month ago
..... i don’t know what universe your living on
LittleLawless Month ago
if the ref didnt stop the fight so much you would of won and a second fight wouldnt of been needed
Ali Graham
Ali Graham Month ago
28;25 um............ where was the knockdown? a draw has to be the decision if you go by how you see it(without the knockdown, or whatever it was that got a 10 - 8 )
Ali Graham
Ali Graham Month ago
28:25 i meant
ᑕᒪOᖇO᙭ ᗷᒪᗴᗩᑕᕼ
ᑕᒪOᖇO᙭ ᗷᒪᗴᗩᑕᕼ Month ago
12:03 it’s a little jab relax (no points taken ) Rematch : Logan -2 points for a little jab after the knockdown
MVM Month ago
@ᑕᒪOᖇO᙭ ᗷᒪᗴᗩᑕᕼ even so those are two completely different events not even comparable
ᑕᒪOᖇO᙭ ᗷᒪᗴᗩᑕᕼ
ᑕᒪOᖇO᙭ ᗷᒪᗴᗩᑕᕼ Month ago
@MVM and he hit him after the bell
MVM Month ago
he hit him when he was down
Dark Diaz
Dark Diaz Month ago
The reason its not 10-8 is because you didn't knock him down. You were winning which made it a 10-9 but didn't knock him down at all meaning it stayed 10-9. This fight was for sure a draw.
Brandon Sanchez
Brandon Sanchez Month ago
Obviously it’s too late now and I’m so happy you one pt 2 but in my opinion Logan won round 5. I understand you were not hurt by his punches in that round but think in the perspective of the judges. Logan connected more and had a great combination towards the end of the round that made it seem like you took a large amount of damage.
RD Yungstaz
RD Yungstaz Month ago
You aint win that
Ryan.hardin Month ago
You both won three round sits a majority draw
Juiced XD
Juiced XD Month ago
got the w baby
Marko Month ago
Yo JJ! What happened to your eye?
Draxler5677 HD
Draxler5677 HD Month ago
5:26 Randolph walks into the room
mireylis curbelo
mireylis curbelo Month ago
ksi got two big shots r3 gassss logan paul lost count but then round3456 ksi rocked his s
Wais Delan
Wais Delan Month ago
This ksi is better than the one that beat Logan
adxeralx2.0 Month ago
He can't make your nose bleed with your nose pushed in far as fuck
adxeralx2.0 Month ago
If it was MMA Ksi would get his shit beat
Nicholas Carrillo
Nicholas Carrillo 4 days ago
@adxeralx2.0 cryyyy
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 4 days ago
He doesn’t even have mma experience
Nicholas Carrillo
Nicholas Carrillo 17 days ago
@adxeralx2.0 lmao
adxeralx2.0 17 days ago
@Nicholas Carrillo dont worry 😉
Nicholas Carrillo
Nicholas Carrillo 17 days ago
@adxeralx2.0 tf is your name
Javiersitoj2 Month ago
“Y’all are wondering why I’m fighting wild” dude you just don’t have technical skill my man.. you punched the same way on the second fight dude😂
Drew Shephard
Drew Shephard Month ago
You rocked him in the 4th but he clinched
LilZzaii Month ago
Looking back on this now JJ definitely should’ve won
LilZzaii Month ago
Looking back on this JJ definitely should’ve won
Not me • 1 year ago
Not me • 1 year ago Month ago
Cain Nguyen
Cain Nguyen Month ago
Logan was saying in the second fight he busted up jj’s eye but if you saw Logan’s after the first fight they’re black eyes
DavisonSaxGaming Month ago
Coming back and watching this video, I see that overall, his points he is making are very valid, they don't have an overabundance of bias, when logan hits a good shot, he is willing to admit it, and when he explains why he did something, you can see what he is talking about, such as the hit after the bell. He honestly should have won this fight.
Lorenzo Hernandez
Lorenzo Hernandez Month ago
we know you won'
Leng Lee
Leng Lee Month ago
Ksi first fight: referee is shit Logan second fight: referee is shit Wtf
Roam Zs
Roam Zs Month ago
What happened to your eye bro?
BigBrainsAndPPGangs Month ago
Round 6 should’ve been a 10-7 round😂
BigBrainsAndPPGangs Month ago
The Paul’s fucking LOVE to clinch its so stupid
Henry Sweet
Henry Sweet Month ago
I see that scar in your eye
Neverx Month ago
Logan didn't throw anything in round 4
Hasa Rafael
Hasa Rafael Month ago
The referee might be racist 😬
Dimitry Anyanwu
Dimitry Anyanwu Month ago
I don't understand how JJ got a red eye in this fight, but didn't get a red eye in the fight without head gear
Amazing Bros
Amazing Bros Month ago
Anyone binging all the fights during covid
Mystic M0ds
Mystic M0ds Month ago
The boxing stats on the thumbnail isn’t true, Logan definitely landed more jabs
Kiran Fasel
Kiran Fasel Month ago
i can't get over logans messed up socks
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Month ago
The draw was fair bruv. But I feel jj round six could’ve been 10-8 for sure. And the ref was awful !!
Fionn Kyle
Fionn Kyle Month ago
Ksi lost this fight
Justine Craven
Justine Craven Month ago
Nah bruv
kaleb cox
kaleb cox Month ago
Nah mate
Jerry Granados
Jerry Granados Month ago
Back to when our fatneek was fit,memories 😓😓😩😩
Arjo Takes Walls
Arjo Takes Walls Month ago
Rewatching this I see jj actually won
MarsStar Month ago
Your statement aged really well
Ali Graham
Ali Graham Month ago
you admitted a draw was a good decision. you say the first 2 rounds go to logan then say the 5th round goes to logan as well. this is a 3 to 3 draw. this to me indicates you can score the fight for logan, or a draw, but not for ksi. lol
Ali Graham
Ali Graham Month ago
@Deprived - i get that. you score 1,2 and 5 for logan, and 3,4 and 6 for ksi,which is a definite draw. which of these rounds goes for ksi(1,2,5)? i scored it 58-57 for logan. 1,2 and 5 with 3rd round even, ksi for sure won 4 and 6. what round did you give for logan, which for ksi, and the score its self
Deprived -
Deprived - Month ago
It dosent go by rounds it goes by points
KMpro Month ago
"So whenever shit got hot, this motherfucker clinched." Truer words have never been spoken
Recommend me a PC or PS4 game to play
Recommend me a PC or PS4 game to play Month ago
You didn't beat him... ...not in 2018 tho
Kingslayer7 2 months ago
Who is here when he ACTUALLY beat him
random ting
random ting 2 months ago
420k likes now we need 69k dislikes hey logangsters fucking dislike the ting innit
Hanz Almero
Hanz Almero 2 months ago
Ksi wouldve won this fight but i think some points were taken away
Ahron Perel
Ahron Perel 2 months ago
i wonder when he get it that there his no 10-8 round without a knock down in boxing. in boxing if you win the round you get 10 if you lose you get 9, you get last than 9 only when you got knock down then you lose one point for each knock down.
JT123 2 months ago
This video must be why you lost to Lagan Paul
JT123 Month ago
@mandox tv whats the problem
mandox tv
mandox tv Month ago
Oh no a fortnite kid😐
JT123 Month ago
Sugar Valley
Sugar Valley 2 months ago
the right hand u hit him with in round 4 buckled his knees. he did not win any round after that
Joseph Sung
Joseph Sung 2 months ago
Randolph in the backround
Ultra man
Ultra man 2 months ago
what happened to your eye 👁
Cian Moran Burke
Cian Moran Burke 2 months ago
I haven’t even watched the video but no, you most definitely didn’t beat him you goon
Those 2 idoits ttdd
Those 2 idoits ttdd 2 months ago
Logan was wearing the mask because he saw the future and saw he was gonna win then got cocky also because Covid
vik FG
vik FG 2 months ago
ok but why has this got 50k dislikes
When the imposter is suspicious
When the imposter is suspicious 2 months ago
I think u mean log pollen
BALD 2 months ago
Who tf is log pollen
Ebenezer Suresh
Ebenezer Suresh 2 months ago
categotize to make it clearer more specific, memorable is a vague categoeirxatio is "has" so many possibliies
King Lords
King Lords 2 months ago
Logan really like KSI , he hugged him more than Simon did in his whole life
jonxthxnn 2 months ago
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