How I Fell Out The Sky In My New Music Video

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KSI - Down Like That (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X) Out Now!

Watch the official video:

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Shot and edited by: @_o93c _o93c
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Dr Peps
Dr Peps Month ago
This is fire
Master Chief
Master Chief Month ago
Get hyper
Poncho Bros
Poncho Bros 2 months ago
Cool beans man
My PS4 name is BULE FLAMEzak Sultan
My PS4 name is BULE FLAMEzak Sultan 2 months ago
Good video
Laki 2 months ago
Plot twist: Logan recorded the hanging scene
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 2 months ago
I bet u they couldn’t carry him but he’s my fat neek 😂
Wolfy Playz!
Wolfy Playz! 2 months ago
KSI Was not the impostor
woober 2 months ago
If jj really did it he would of caused a earthquake
S l u z z y
S l u z z y 3 months ago
this made me think of aot
Creature 3 months ago
He should’ve gone sky diving instead
Aina Akiyama
Aina Akiyama 3 months ago
Omg his first subscriber has so much power
PumpkinMaster 3 months ago
The song is literally carry by s-x
Eric Brown
Eric Brown 4 months ago
Who else thinks lil baby didnt put in much effort
4UELL3 3 months ago
he sucks at features, his verses are always trash or mid if he's featured in any song, his only good feature is money man - 24 ft. lil baby and the song with Stunna 4 Vegas ft dababy, lil baby
Mario kart Finley
Mario kart Finley 4 months ago
Even behind the scenes looks so cool
WhatEverBeasts ➊
WhatEverBeasts ➊ 4 months ago
That rope is strong
Husain C
Husain C 4 months ago
Fun Fact : The Word Long Is Actually Shorter Than The Word Short
Mileidy Cardoza
Mileidy Cardoza 4 months ago
I dont rlly watch his VID but i like his song to be honest hes song is better then logan paul song but i prefer logan paul channel For my opnion no hit
Pu Men Stow
Pu Men Stow 5 months ago
S-X is mad
Jeh Hwh
Jeh Hwh 6 months ago
Who’s here just to see his blond dreads 🤣🤣
Anas Naveed
Anas Naveed 6 months ago
You didn't jump of a plane??
Bryan Henderson
Bryan Henderson 6 months ago
S-X is so underated in this song
Bronson Evans
Bronson Evans 6 months ago
Is that how Yosemite was done?
Samira Hussein
Samira Hussein 6 months ago
Jj fell like Logan Paul did Huh
Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast 7 months ago
The ropes trying to carry ksi: 🥴
Do Nathan
Do Nathan 7 months ago
Wish JJ uploaded more on this channel again
Xtinct 7 months ago
i guess JJ is finally using Harry’s Blue screen
Me_Nols Plays
Me_Nols Plays 8 months ago
angelic Ramirez
angelic Ramirez 8 months ago
Can't wait for this song to come out!!
Morgan TAYLOR 7 months ago
Young Savage woooooosh
Young Savage
Young Savage 8 months ago
It’s already out
Final Fadezzz
Final Fadezzz 8 months ago
Editor:how small do you want the subtitles KSI:yes
Team Tfx
Team Tfx 8 months ago
Gaming With Biggie
Gaming With Biggie 9 months ago
padel si
Alex Scarlett
Alex Scarlett 9 months ago
I really liked lil babys part and JJ’s
Ransom E Lowe
Ransom E Lowe 9 months ago
oh the just edited the video
Ashton Forbes
Ashton Forbes 9 months ago
1:07 he predicted the future
Lesedi Mochadibane
Lesedi Mochadibane 9 months ago
freddie hall
freddie hall 9 months ago
They used the same technique as when he did it with deji in a q and a Sunday
Dennis 9 months ago
i thought he jumped off a plane with a green parachute
The Coaster Reviews
The Coaster Reviews 9 months ago
This isn't how it happened. They just had Babatunde actually fall from 20,000+ ft in the air because he looks just like him and because he's just that much of a legend.
Rukhsar Moosa
Rukhsar Moosa 9 months ago
Verxy 9 months ago
As soon as I heard 3seconds In i knew I wanted to hear it❤️
Epic Universe
Epic Universe 9 months ago
Can you sub to my channel epic universe
The creative corner
The creative corner 9 months ago
Notice how he actually used a blow dryer
Legiteliam 1967
Legiteliam 1967 9 months ago
JJ: Right so ive just finished the hanging scene, i sucked Logan: excited for it to happen again until JJ said he sucked. then logans face crumples back down to the canvas
rolleh 9 months ago
I remember when I heard the high pitched thing for the first time I deadass thought it was a joke
Tab 10 months ago
If he was falling his hair would go up tho
Jeremy on ipad YT
Jeremy on ipad YT 10 months ago
u ugly
Dior love
Dior love 10 months ago
KSI: so i finished filming the hangin scene Logan: bro did you zoom in on the hands?
FTR Effection
FTR Effection 10 months ago
Logan Paul be like: sorry I just sneezed JJ can’t make the video anymore
iamaseann 10 months ago
JJ: alright we just finished the hanging scene Logan Paul: so anyways i started recording
Rhett4life 4 months ago
Tizz 10 months ago
All I see is JJ: "So I just finished the hanging scene" *[Insert Logan doing anything at all here]*
SAVAGE GANG 10 months ago
Bro can this video get more views than the official song😂
ben nikoro
ben nikoro 11 months ago
His hair be defying physics.. His hair should be in front of his face not at the back 😂 but fire 🔥 anyways
Tazzle 11 months ago
Oh I thought he actually fell off
animeEMAN 11 months ago
Down like that u like it down like that I dont know finale discord got talent
Booboo Downes
Booboo Downes 11 months ago
One of my favourite songs ❤❤
Nicole Scioli
Nicole Scioli 11 months ago
This is AWESOME!!!
vmortyRB 11 months ago
When it said K I I thought it was gonna say KIS, reminding me of that big shaq video
Ričards Aksels Kārkliņš
Ričards Aksels Kārkliņš 11 months ago
Finally found the music i searched
SamG89 11 months ago
Ksi: so we just finished the hanging scene Logan Paul: MoM gEt ThE cAmErA
Apathy Hades
Apathy Hades 11 months ago
“Gotta make sure everything is on point” IT IS NOW.
tbdavethebomb gaming
tbdavethebomb gaming 11 months ago
Lol I love but I'm kid put clean
Γρηγόρης Ρουφικτός
Γρηγόρης Ρουφικτός 11 months ago
Good god those are the SMALLEST subtitles ever .
Minecraft diamond lol
Minecraft diamond lol 11 months ago
Here after gib lost rip
IlvBandit 11 months ago
ohdatguy 11 months ago
The subtitles are the same size as my penis
Athergy Year ago
i think we all know what song this all reminds us of
TMKT M0s4n1ty
TMKT M0s4n1ty Year ago
What happened to seeing whether dax has gone good or not
Veronica Love
Veronica Love Year ago
Idk if anyone noticed but if you look at the very top of the bottoms black bar you can see tiny subtitles
Y1 Year ago
0:55 black man” alright so we just finished the hanging scene...” KKK: 👀
Cherryl Balintogo
Cherryl Balintogo Year ago
Cherryl Balintogo
Cherryl Balintogo Year ago
Weston Taylor
Weston Taylor Year ago
Idk why but I used to hate you till now
Roemer Remigius
Roemer Remigius Year ago
Dakata Ivanov
Dakata Ivanov Year ago
HEERA'S channel
HEERA'S channel Year ago
🇯​🇴​🇰​🇪​🇷​🇸​ who all are never allowed to laugh for their 🇯​🇴​🇰​🇪​🇸​😜😜😜
Aarogya Pradhan
Aarogya Pradhan Year ago
hi to the fans of ksi previously I was a fan as well bbuuuuuuttttt he harassed some ones wife of some one you know in love and that is pewdiepie so you like some one (ksi) that is a ugly rebel who harasses a man who everyone knows in loves wife
Samson Anifowose
Samson Anifowose Year ago
Foc has been a bit too far away and has fjvjfkh in mind and he has fjvjfkh and you are not going am sure you will have the opportunity and you will have to look for some good 39inches to do this in the next couple and you can do you want a better deal and you will need a lot more money to make a better deal with your business and the future you are jelly and you are jelly to play with the same amount of group sales in a
MrSuperrajab Year ago
its so dark
jaedin Colastin
jaedin Colastin Year ago
I don't like ksi but this song is fire 😀
XDJayclappedu69 21
XDJayclappedu69 21 Year ago
When I see fire I know fire👍👌👍🔥
Jude Rusga
Jude Rusga Year ago
EVERYBODY! DO NOT skip this! basically my FIRST PROPER video comes out on friday and I want EVERYONE to see it! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to makesure you DO NOT MISS THIS... STAY TUNED FOR FRIDAY!
ItzMasterleen Year ago
I won that knockdown Dejis dog it got put down
Zunaira Hossain
Zunaira Hossain Year ago
Ughhh the comments are so annoying they’re all the same
Dawnova Year ago
I know it’s getting old
Ra T
Ra T Year ago
*It sounds like someone with downs is singing "Downs like that"*
SaM CaReY Year ago
Your a good guy yanno ohoh
finn0504 Year ago
The expensive version of the songs that the Paul brothers make Because those shitheads are cheap af
Lazi LP
Lazi LP Year ago
TRSH_ Rush
TRSH_ Rush Year ago
Ngl lit song 🔥
h٤h٤ Year ago
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Year ago
Did Ksi make a Jojo reference
Akatsuki-Olimpiaj2005 Year ago
I literally see this music all the time it’s just so nicely done. I really do approve this. It’s so fkn nice
89LEGOLOVER Year ago
Ksi:I want a knockdown Referee:No Ksi:why you gotta let me down like that??!
goldybhoy hi
goldybhoy hi Year ago
Down not fown
goldybhoy hi
goldybhoy hi Year ago
It should be. I won that nick down deji’s dog it got put fown
Kronizz Year ago
If you think KSI sucks, this button is grey ⬇️
Yeetus Meleetus
Yeetus Meleetus Year ago
So one person disagrees apparently
ZA BOZ Year ago
I tought everything was a green screen .-.
Beserk Cheeto
Beserk Cheeto Year ago
No one had a shred of a thought JJ actually fell out of the sky.
Weirdo Just some
Weirdo Just some Year ago
KSI: “We just finished the hanging scene” Me:"looks at comments"
Wennerof Mc
Wennerof Mc Year ago
Lmao stolen TOP comment
Eddie Barron
Eddie Barron Year ago
Stolen comment
GC Grdn
GC Grdn Year ago
00:30 omg I thought my house was on fire
FUG_Fusion Year ago
I was so confused Bc his hair wasn’t going the right direction and I was like tf?
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