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Bagio Henderson
Bagio Henderson Day ago
He scared 😂😂 I wanted u to beat his ass😭😭😂😂
aimar 6969
aimar 6969 Day ago
he should’ve have fought him to make him look even more like a clown but then it would be a waste of time
Side Hoe
Side Hoe Day ago
Who’s here after Alex said he would fight KSI lmao
Daniel Sherer
Daniel Sherer 3 days ago
I can’t believe I’ve never seen this fucking video this is the best thing I’ve ever watched
Aaron Alasa
Aaron Alasa 4 days ago
He sounds like he really needed the attention.
What gucci
What gucci 5 days ago
This teaches all youtubers a lesson - never diss ksi
FRESH BOI 9 days ago
Alex Wassabi is gone well done JJ👍🏽
godzilla nate 2009
godzilla nate 2009 9 days ago
Ksi we did it , the clown is gone he quit 😀
WB Games
WB Games 11 days ago
Soooooo fucking better after madafucker logan got rejected
•Venom Øłívē•
•Venom Øłívē• 11 days ago
@WB Games I know. And hopefully soon. JJ can proceed to beat the shit out of Jake. He will finish what Dej Gib started.
WB Games
WB Games 11 days ago
@•Venom Øłívē• yeah it actually can't get better. Ironic. FunnyAf.
•Venom Øłívē•
•Venom Øłívē• 11 days ago
@WB Games and the funnier thing is. Alex Wassibi has quit youtube. lol
WB Games
WB Games 11 days ago
@•Venom Øłívē• yeah of course Everyone needs some motivation "At least there's someone even shittier than me"
•Venom Øłívē•
•Venom Øłívē• 11 days ago
Bruh 2021 comments are still active. lol
Darkness Dark
Darkness Dark 12 days ago
When Alex calls out ksi and Losing to fousey tube 😂😂
Ken 13 days ago
This video gets better after Wassabi left USposts and jj’s lastest video 🤣
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
Wassabi says goodbye to USposts anyone here?
Viros2p 15 days ago
Who’s here und 2021.
Kin Caid
Kin Caid 15 days ago
Now Alex will beat ksi ass now
1000 subs with videos ?
1000 subs with videos ? 14 days ago
Alex is quiting youtube, and he dosent even want to fight ksi because he is scared
MemeStar 69
MemeStar 69 15 days ago
Who’s here 2021?
crunchy dinkens
crunchy dinkens 16 days ago
Who else came back after KSI laughed at Wasabi leaving youtube.
SALIH-786 16 days ago
Who here after he's quitting yt
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
Prateek Naik
Prateek Naik 16 days ago
After Alex Pussabi quit USposts?
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
Radical Radish
Radical Radish 16 days ago
Who’s here after this clown left USposts?
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
Mohamad Fadlallah
Mohamad Fadlallah 16 days ago
Who's here after Alex quited USposts?
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 16 days ago
Anyone here after Alex Wassabi quit USposts?
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
slowy blood
slowy blood 17 days ago
bro he is fan lol i saw the pillow and also they want you to notice that and becomes their frineds lmao.
Nitish The legend
Nitish The legend 18 days ago
years later jj beats logan
Nitish The legend
Nitish The legend 11 days ago
@anagh thanks
anagh 11 days ago
You mean a year later
bicycle HD
bicycle HD 19 days ago
TY 19 days ago
Who watching this after Alex Wassabi quit youtube
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
Sam Cordero
Sam Cordero 19 days ago
I'm watching this again in 2021 cuz Alex says he might leave USposts
Mauro Mata Tv
Mauro Mata Tv 14 days ago
DrewTubeHD 24 days ago
tf is this
Abdullah ilhbayry
Abdullah ilhbayry 25 days ago
Can someone tell me what is the intro song 0:00 pls😁
VD SkUlL Z 22 days ago
weeber Universe 2
weeber Universe 2 25 days ago
Lmaoo they just tryna get more fame since they anit got jobs
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 28 days ago
SessyGaming Month ago
I’ll come back and watch this video all the time just because it’s hilarious
Bodey Fontaine
Bodey Fontaine Month ago
When I first watched this I started to become a fan of KSI he is too funny😂😂
crazy shooter02
crazy shooter02 Month ago
Anyone in 2020 Nvm why did I even ask?
Lauao Faasee
Lauao Faasee Month ago
Yo ksi you better chill with alex man alex is a family freindly guy ok?
Big Behz Cr1tic
Big Behz Cr1tic Month ago
“If you want to lose 2 times this year” Still undefeated
Johnnie Arnold
Johnnie Arnold Month ago
Danilegend9 Month ago
Wasabi production
antony gamer
antony gamer Month ago
6:27 6:43 no words 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Slycc _
Slycc _ Month ago
Kathy Arias
Kathy Arias Month ago
Yessss boyy get himmm king
Ashish Rathi
Ashish Rathi Month ago
um........JJ won
Brogsby Month ago
6:44 my gyal 😉🤣🤣
Emma Logan
Emma Logan 2 months ago
Oh my god Alex is so scary with that sushi on his shirt 😂😭😭
Gta San Andreas Stories
Gta San Andreas Stories 2 months ago
Fight him jj,make some money you know😂😂
dealth shot lee
dealth shot lee 2 months ago
why would he wanna fright you that just be wasteing his time
dealth shot lee
dealth shot lee 2 months ago
dont be mean to Alex wassbie why is this happening oh dear
drew roberts
drew roberts 2 months ago
nefix:are you sill watching some-ones daugter 6:46
Arlo eee
Arlo eee 2 months ago
Alex is doing this shit-
Vetatronisnotfunny 2 months ago
Pause at 7:07 you can see the fear in his eyes
Jay King
Jay King 2 months ago
JJ's best bandana
BALD 2 months ago
And hair style
Daisy Jones
Daisy Jones 2 months ago
Alex look ksi will knock you 😂 you act like a kid your so childish guava is so much better
Sienna Bradley
Sienna Bradley 2 months ago
The best Alex wasabi the best
Jack Talia Steinberg
Jack Talia Steinberg 2 months ago
@James Bvnds sorry i got a bit harsh there.
James Bvnds
James Bvnds 2 months ago
@Jack Talia Steinberg you did not have to do the kid like that
Jack Talia Steinberg
Jack Talia Steinberg 2 months ago
4 year old huh. Says the one that supports a dead channel that appeals to the youngest demographic
Sienna Bradley
Sienna Bradley 2 months ago
@Jack Talia Steinberg 4 year old
Sienna Bradley
Sienna Bradley 2 months ago
@Jack Talia Steinberg yeah
TaeJae 3 months ago
ew he covered up that he's a pussy by saying he won't profit from it. What's more important, your pride or profit? God... he's got no pride
K sauce
K sauce 3 months ago
If you pause at 6:36 and look closely at the side, there is a dead body. Alex wasabi exposed.
DankSinister 3 months ago
Jj, I'll fight Alex Wassabi for you
Abhyudaya Mohan
Abhyudaya Mohan 16 days ago
Do it my g
jimmy b
jimmy b 3 months ago
Nik Tsam
Nik Tsam 3 months ago
I just saw the video . I am 16 and I would fuck him up... Imagine JJ
GH Dywags
GH Dywags 3 months ago
Who’s watching in 2020
Oscar Hung
Oscar Hung 3 months ago
This is like the 4th time I’ve seen this video it never gets old lmao
Rushil Motamarri
Rushil Motamarri 3 months ago
JJ, I think you mean he relied on guava juice for good content and his girlfriend for views.
holcomb tyson
holcomb tyson 3 months ago
badboyhalo wallows patandjen blairewhite fails pbggameplay twerking
Carson Lowe
Carson Lowe 3 months ago
DoNt MAkE iT GaY
Fjorelo Fero
Fjorelo Fero 3 months ago
Youyeet1 3 months ago
Sum of the video Alex wasabi is a clown
RedWing 3 months ago
The guy that jumped JJ made a video on him “knocking him out”
Piggy series 1
Piggy series 1 3 months ago
I hate you forever in a day
King G
King G 4 months ago
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto 4 months ago
Dude, you gave Logan waaaaay too much credit! Nobody would choke on that pecker that much! 😜
Nur Iman
Nur Iman 4 months ago
Alex: Ksi is slow I can run faster than him,no camera no people just me and you The next month Alex: Ksi I'm not coming,hahahahahaha it because of money all the whatever shit you say is all fake Me: then what's not fake? yourself your dumb girlfriend oh yeah
sam eer
sam eer 4 months ago
wtf what hell are you talk about wassabi you give the rights to you you going to .............:/÷:/
ikonix_ wavyy 99
ikonix_ wavyy 99 4 months ago
Title: laughing at alex waasabi Thumbnail: looks like he found a dead rat
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 15 days ago
Take pewdiepie pic off
LightYagami 4 months ago
who is after ksi wins against logan
Ya Boi Phil
Ya Boi Phil 4 months ago
Alex Wassabi: Professional Bitch Boy
Issa Kishly
Issa Kishly 4 months ago
It's so funny watching this now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
NBA Orange
NBA Orange 4 months ago
Been 2 years lol
Cooper Wilder
Cooper Wilder 4 months ago
if you are on the computer click the number 8 on the keyboard
Unfunny 4 months ago
If this was an actual fight this would be child abuse
Himanshu Ganga Joshi
Himanshu Ganga Joshi 4 months ago
Remember yourself when no one knew you until logan paul accepted your challenge.
TheBananaPeel 4 months ago
Red_ yt13
Red_ yt13 4 months ago
But did he not say in june and its july a lying
Ashay Subherwal
Ashay Subherwal 4 months ago
Whos here in 2020??
HRH jr
HRH jr 4 months ago
Bruh don't abuse a child
DaBasic 4 months ago
Who’s here in 2020
CommunismDoggo 4 months ago
This is old KSI vibes
Dj pacaveli
Dj pacaveli 4 months ago
shut up ksi
whiteboythe5th 4 months ago
U mad bro
Goh Zhian
Goh Zhian 4 months ago
1:13 anybody realised that the pillow behind Alex is ksi but backwards
Anton Antood
Anton Antood 4 months ago
Bro calm down OMG
MeTDG 2000
MeTDG 2000 4 months ago
Alex seems like that teacher that everyon talks over
Kinetic_Pegasus 4 months ago
Alex ur my childhood hero but when u mess with deji or jj u messin' with me
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 4 months ago
Imagine if Alex boxed KSI and Alex got knocked out in 5 seconds
JustAmazing 4 months ago
Let's just remember that Alex called out Ksi not the other way around.
Shano Hamad
Shano Hamad 4 months ago
In the beginning whats that song called
Big Brain
Big Brain 4 months ago
Imagine if he got beat by a flower lmao Edit:Nvrm don’t have to imagine anymore
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 5 months ago
TJC Lightning
TJC Lightning 5 months ago
Kinda want Logan to agree with JJ by saying he wants clout
Para Traxx
Para Traxx 5 months ago
I know this video is old now... Just re-watching some of the older ones on the JJ and KSI channel... But I had absolutely NO IDEA that Alex was 28? 🤯🤯🤯 He literally looks and sound like a.... 20 year old at best... So now he's 30!? Bro, that's insane 😂
Marvin Sandoval-Hernandez
Marvin Sandoval-Hernandez 5 months ago
Alex is better than you
Foos3y_OW 4 months ago
Womp Womp
Womp Womp 5 months ago
Alex Pussabbi.... ugh .....
Zeke _Sergio
Zeke _Sergio 5 months ago
TGM 823
TGM 823 5 months ago
Why does KSI in the first of the video looks like he is being controlled by someone
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