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Directed by Konstantin & Meji Alabi
Konstantin: usposts.info/vision/Z9u9rpeoaqmarMw/video
Meji: mejialabi

Halil 11 hours ago
Just think that is jake🏃🏼‍♂️
ibrahim taimoor
ibrahim taimoor 21 hour ago
i actually thought logan paul was was featured in this disstrack like joe weller in his disstrack by jake paul.
Jackson Hagen
Jackson Hagen Day ago
Her teeth start doing the wave 1:34
RTV Lewxs
RTV Lewxs Day ago
This is a banger best diss track with two birds on stone
Dezxye Land
Dezxye Land Day ago
Delete this shizzzz rn
Tom White
Tom White Day ago
Prime jj
Allen Blink
Allen Blink Day ago
The dislikes are from 9 year old logan fans 😂
Camouflaged Rambo
Camouflaged Rambo 2 days ago
The sad part is that we probably won't have another Disstrack battle.
I’m VIXSHOIN 2 days ago
every single one of those 350k dislikes are the following: -Logan pauls 9 year old and under fans -bots -Karens -idiots -Logan paul
Hans Müller
Hans Müller 2 days ago
1:40 quite gay ngl
RGR TMG 2 days ago
A new one should come out bout jake paul
LuhBrxton 2 days ago
comethazine is scary, but KSI is scarier
Xylirator 2 days ago
need a jake diss track
Quality Vids
Quality Vids 3 days ago
Logan isn’t scared
Quality Vids
Quality Vids 3 days ago
Kristopher Morgan
Kristopher Morgan 3 days ago
Where all the mans still listening to this in 2021
Owen Pizzati
Owen Pizzati 3 days ago
Aqmbotted 3 days ago
Paul Fans:YoRE reTaDeD FOr LiKiNg kIS People With Common Sense: Haha Brain go brrr
K. Uchiha
K. Uchiha 4 days ago
The that makes Ksi’s distracts the best is the visuals he can actually rap and he can say the n word
animete both
animete both 5 days ago
I laugh so much beacon of how much this song sucks
aryan 5 days ago
This song as a song itself is so underrated, his flow in the second verse was fire
Fakez 5 days ago
2021 anyone?
ツMarko 10 hours ago
You will see me here in 2025 if you want
Semaj Rixlee OG
Semaj Rixlee OG 12 hours ago
Stfu bot
vladimir putin
vladimir putin 4 days ago
@Michael Garcia ikr
vladimir putin
vladimir putin 4 days ago
Yes a youtube bot
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 5 days ago
youtube bot
the running man
the running man 6 days ago
This diss track is fantastic hands down
Jasmine Walton
Jasmine Walton 6 days ago
woah a coronation street actor featured on a ksi disstrack
alex 6 days ago
Oh. My. Fucking. God. This is so good it's insane. This is so fucking good.
Prashant Upreti
Prashant Upreti 6 days ago
this song is really on point ... THATS A MENTALITY BURNER
baby_bender !
baby_bender ! 6 days ago
He got reced
Virasun Chhem
Virasun Chhem 6 days ago
SHit boi this is some heat🔥🔥
gold rush
gold rush 7 days ago
Sell Out
Sell Out 7 days ago
ThatOneDude579 7 days ago
1:21he looks so scared when she opens the door lmao🤣🤣🤣
Leah Cura
Leah Cura 7 days ago
Did I see infinite there
spider boy
spider boy 8 days ago
I like the part where ksi says: he always wants a pair o' tits
vErix Wrld
vErix Wrld 8 days ago
Holy Shit Seeing this the first time it was fire but seeing it again its fucking Goated Vid and Song
The son HAND
The son HAND 8 days ago
logan paul is better and you suck and you are using fake logan paul
Noah hallam
Noah hallam 8 days ago
just realized this was posted on my birthday
Emmanuel Eghosa
Emmanuel Eghosa 8 days ago
Logan sucks
4gility 8 days ago
The only people who disliked this are salty Logan fans
KOM 8 days ago
I put a drill beat over KSI's little Brother by Miniminter ! Would mean the world to me if you'd check it out 💖
KOM 8 days ago
I put a drill beat over KSI's little Brother by Miniminter ! Would mean the world to me if you'd check it out 💖
Dove 8 days ago
love him or hate him,he spittin straight facts
F10TV 8 days ago
Who's here in 2021
KOM 8 days ago
I put a drill beat over Red alert By KSI and Randolph ! Would mean the world to me if you'd check it out 💖
Spufy NutZ
Spufy NutZ 9 days ago
jj we’re still here to see u smash down on jake Paul
I Simp 4 Charli
I Simp 4 Charli 9 days ago
Even if the song isn’t that good the actual video is fire🔥🔥🔥
hiddenwarrior786 9 days ago
Anyone watching this recently😀🥳🎊
The One
The One 9 days ago
Hope future generations experience this
Vron 10 days ago
he destroyed logan paul so much until he is a good youtuber
Toqeer Hussain
Toqeer Hussain 10 days ago
KSI sees white man and slaps him like a bitch i love it.
yellow snoop dog
yellow snoop dog 10 days ago
The way the "mother" pupils grow scared me
A&S 418
A&S 418 10 days ago
claim your before 40 mil views here:
Alfie Dobbin
Alfie Dobbin 10 days ago
screaw u KSI NO ON LIKES U
Aryaveer Krishna 8-A
Aryaveer Krishna 8-A 9 days ago
@TobyTube Logan Paul fans are 6 year old
TobyTube 10 days ago
Clearly 22 Million people like him
KOM 10 days ago
I Put a Drill Beat Over Drama by Behzinga , Would mean the World if you Check it out💖
KOM 10 days ago
I put a Drill beat Over Red Alert By KSI and Randolph, Would mean the World if you Check it out💖
Randomish Fish
Randomish Fish 10 days ago
legit best vid ever
Tejas Singh
Tejas Singh 11 days ago
me telling a lie :this song is lit af
KOM 11 days ago
I put a drill beat over Red alert By KSI and Randolph ! Would mean the world to me if you'd check it out 💖
Kolek_gaming 11 days ago
the first 40 secs is true
devilzrblx 11 days ago
devilzrblx 11 days ago
I love this JJ
J King 47A
J King 47A 11 days ago
1:32 her eyes and mouth grew more 5:07 JJ’s face hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nicole Truscott
Nicole Truscott 12 days ago
Are you going to beat dog in the rain
Nicole Truscott
Nicole Truscott 12 days ago
Are you going to be at Logan
lil seatbelt
lil seatbelt 12 days ago
To those that don’t understand the video.... Starts off with a reference to the suicide forest. The kids are being brain washed by Logan’s videos. When Logan see’s KSI flying he leaves Evan behind (he doesn’t care about his friends). KSI drops from the sky symbolizing that he is an evil villain in this story. The mum answers the door. “Would you like a cookie?” is a Get Out reference. JJ in the room with the numbers is representing Logan’s song about numbers where he literally just counts. The paintings on the walls are of Alissa Violet, Jake, and the Martinis twins. The ones on the floor is of Chance and Nick Crompton. The painting with JJ’s eyes moving symbolizes that he’s always watching. KSI dragging the axe is another horror film reference. Instagram picture is of Jake Paul with Erika Costell tagged as the snake because online she is known as a snake b**ch. When JJ puts his head through the door and says, “Hello mother f*ckers!” is a reference from “Here’s Jonny!” The band in the background is Why Don’t We. (The band that Logan had in his song, Help me, Help you). The dog is Kong (Logan’s dog). His dad see’s the blindfolded girl that he kissed in the kissing challenge video and can’t resist to follow her into the room. Logan’s friends get pay back by tazing him because he tazed a rat. They also smash a plate on him because in Logan’s vlogs he always smashes plates and scares some of he friends that way. Every one is filming Logan, the tables have turned. The Thanos Gauntlet Glove and the cloud JJ came out from is from the movie, “Infinity War”. KSI disintegrates Logan, basically saying that he is gonna make him disappear after he beats him in the ring. The kids are no longer brainwashed because Logan is now gone...
jojiux 12 days ago
This song is completely ass but the video is good
Sonic57053 The Transit Fanner
Sonic57053 The Transit Fanner 12 days ago
5:07 are we not going to ignore that creepy face KSI made
Zaman Hussain
Zaman Hussain 12 days ago
2:58 When you come back from the toilet in school
Sensei 12 days ago
life is on point
ItzAhyaan 12 days ago
all the dislikes are from butthurt logan paul fans
energy beat
energy beat 12 days ago
I rather listen to everyday bro and that song is not good I can tell you right now
Cinos Yot
Cinos Yot 12 days ago
I praise this song
Blah 77
Blah 77 13 days ago
Kahlil Minor
Kahlil Minor 13 days ago
To be honest I'm listening to this song in bvb 2021 But its trash I listened to it back then
ADplayz I
ADplayz I 14 days ago
3:28 dad your a Paul you called do it hes not a Paul he's a pool
ADplayz I
ADplayz I 14 days ago
2021 anyone ?
evie unwin
evie unwin 14 days ago
When he smashed into that room and said : HELLO MOTHERFUCKERS! That’s me when my friend leave me out and when he slapped him 😂 love it tho JJ I am late but I’ve seen it before I’m watching again it’s sick
Cristian Moreno
Cristian Moreno 14 days ago
KSi sings trashy
Littlebitchnikko Sucks
Littlebitchnikko Sucks 2 days ago
@Dashing Gamer yes he does
Dashing Gamer
Dashing Gamer 2 days ago
@Cristian Moreno lol do you want some slaps 💪🏻✊🏻✊🏻🖕🏼
Cristian Moreno
Cristian Moreno 3 days ago
I’m a Logan fan stupid
Littlebitchnikko Sucks
Littlebitchnikko Sucks 12 days ago
Ur the trash here jake fan
wolfy107 Hacke
wolfy107 Hacke 14 days ago
bro ksi you wish you could match lp
Beerus 15 days ago
If JJ and KSi have a collaboration together
ADplayz I
ADplayz I 15 days ago
I liked the part when he say point
Kilo 15 days ago
Varun Nagar
Varun Nagar 13 days ago
@Memes-150 Agreed
Memes-150 15 days ago
*Salty paul fan alert*
Matthew Hampshire
Matthew Hampshire 15 days ago
Who's watching in 2021?
Homie Megalodon
Homie Megalodon 15 days ago
Plot twist Jason Voorski disses Logan Paul.
Owen Cates
Owen Cates 16 days ago
Can’t beleave he got Logan paul in this an jake paul
Memes-150 15 days ago
IKR its amazing
「 J u l i a N 」
「 J u l i a N 」 16 days ago
this song is ON POINT
Isaiah Brittain
Isaiah Brittain 16 days ago
Bad diss
harry pothead
harry pothead 16 days ago
sayyid ali
sayyid ali 16 days ago
Who's watching this in 2021
BlackoutStudios 16 days ago
Kid: *gets scholarship, a healthy relationship, and wins lottery* Cancer, HIV, diabetes, pneumonia, depression, Ebola, corona: 2:58
ZzIGoldIzZ 17 days ago
in bol shit like this i go for the black guy
The Trickster
The Trickster 17 days ago
You ain’t got anything on point
Memes-150 15 days ago
He got a win over logan and more subs in total
Axel Arcovendas
Axel Arcovendas 17 days ago
The editing and quality was insane
Smith sus
Smith sus 17 days ago
Gamer dude 98993
Gamer dude 98993 17 days ago
Now all we need is a jake Paul diss track from jj after he beats him at some point
ChanceFN 18 days ago
2021 anybody?
Josefina Sosa
Josefina Sosa 18 days ago
This shits too funny
Urmad Lol
Urmad Lol 18 days ago
2021 anyone watching again???
sxpoopy 18 days ago
so nostalgic
ThatOneDude579 18 days ago
3:34 to 3:44 If you pay attention then you can hear him deep meaning
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