Down Like That (KSI vs LOGAN PAUL 2 Edition)

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Year ago

Thanks to DAZN and Sky Sports for the footage!

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Aiman Coverss
Aiman Coverss 2 hours ago
This giving me goosebumps wohooooo 🔥
JustScrollingInTheComments 11 hours ago
You don't even have to like KSI to know that the song & video are fire
Pneno1 on epic and Xbox
Pneno1 on epic and Xbox 15 hours ago
Shanpy Donkey
Shanpy Donkey Day ago
This is actually fire
Niel _M
Niel _M Day ago
watching justin bieber in this video makes me smile every time...
NB5 Arcturus
NB5 Arcturus Day ago
Every hater out there saying hes not even fighting he was But logan Just randomly hitting he never knew what to do but Ksi knew What he could do Witch is why hes the winner
Ruan Ferreira
Ruan Ferreira Day ago
Tbh both are like equil fighters
Toxic Leo
Toxic Leo 2 days ago
still the best song although is 2021
Finlay Luscombe
Finlay Luscombe 2 days ago
MY G INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LRA 3 days ago
great video supa great
Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger 3 days ago
And this is the guy who sang I'm on a horse MOTIVATION
Ammaar Butt
Ammaar Butt 3 days ago
No wonder Logan Paul is a bit clueless in the head cuz KSI hit him a bit too hard
オラオラのおら 3 days ago
Thank you, Ksi!!! I hate that chin man. So I feel happy.
DexPlays 3 days ago
JJ hit him so badly that it put some sense in Logan.
Sanjay Vinod
Sanjay Vinod 4 days ago
From the United KINGDOM KINGDOM 👑
Nora Ursus
Nora Ursus 4 days ago
I’m happy you gave one Paul’s brothers old fashion butt kick. I find them to be disrespectful, treat ladies horrible, and not One oz humbleness.
Orgito Dalipaj
Orgito Dalipaj 4 days ago
bro who get hyped everytime that they watch this . Cuz i do
Jippy 5 days ago
Love it!
Oliver Dahl
Oliver Dahl 5 days ago
This is actuly really inspiring.
They wanted.Natalia
They wanted.Natalia 5 days ago
“ he’s not a real fighter” HE PUNCHED THE HELL OUTTA YOU HAHAH
amine elamili
amine elamili 5 days ago
Watching the sidemen and ext so happy made me cry of happiness
Troll Sprout Hehe
Troll Sprout Hehe 6 days ago
Wumbo 6 days ago
I love that jj won but it would be so much more satisfying if he knocked Logan out in the last few seconds
Lester Bathurst
Lester Bathurst 6 days ago
0:38 why the hell did Logans fan girl hump him
frezzyfir 6 days ago
Jake cant beat ksi so how would he beat mayweather
LUTH PERERA 6 days ago
Raphael Miguel Santa Maria
Raphael Miguel Santa Maria 7 days ago
What if KSI fought Ryan Garcia
Raphael Miguel Santa Maria
Raphael Miguel Santa Maria 2 days ago
@The Undertaker frfr
The Undertaker
The Undertaker 2 days ago
KSI will die if he fights Ryan Garcia. Ryan is a pro boxer while JJ is a USposts boxer
Lofi Lee
Lofi Lee 7 days ago
Logan then got beaten by a ‘fake fighter’
tony lee
tony lee 7 days ago
Ksi good Logun paul sucks
FemtioCent 7 days ago
Who is watching this in 2021?
WatchMonkey 7 days ago
W0kiez 7 days ago
Tirumalai Vasan.S
Tirumalai Vasan.S 7 days ago
I thought ksi is a gaming channel
Izzy _
Izzy _ 8 days ago
This is a banger
Mooseman 134
Mooseman 134 8 days ago
This was so insane the fight bro imagine it was a draw again lol
Zandr Reacts
Zandr Reacts 8 days ago
you won by two points
Theo Syms
Theo Syms 8 days ago
who would have thought maths got the best of logan
Jonah Mcgarry
Jonah Mcgarry 8 days ago
No matter what hes not a real fighter No matter what, no one likes you, and somehow, people like you more than your brother
Ekspekt. YT
Ekspekt. YT 8 days ago
KSI is buuuuuullshiiiiit LOGAAAAAAAN GANG SUCKS
Xeon Kappa
Xeon Kappa 8 days ago
The most cringe match that KSI or Logan has ever been should not have won :D
Πανορμιτης Σφουγγαριστος
Πανορμιτης Σφουγγαριστος 8 days ago
Fack you ksi
imyoosuf99 8 days ago
F u ksi is the best
Abdul azizum hakim the third
Abdul azizum hakim the third 8 days ago
Surprised niko omilana was not in it
NB5 Arcturus
NB5 Arcturus 8 days ago
Logan: tall af but has no true power JJ:A good Warrior That will Always fight back Strong Can Be better than anyone
Shahir Khan
Shahir Khan 9 days ago
Who else can imagine that delicious win bc I do
Pro Sniper13
Pro Sniper13 9 days ago
brooo, this song gives me chills 🔥🔥
Rizwan Hameed
Rizwan Hameed 9 days ago
Kis fams let’s goooooooooo!,,
Rizwan Hameed
Rizwan Hameed 7 days ago
Seacomet 1
Seacomet 1 10 days ago
Yo bro you have shit songs
Marin K
Marin K 11 days ago
Well done champ thats how you do it
Aaron Kumar
Aaron Kumar 11 days ago
This song motivates me
Eddie Travers
Eddie Travers 11 days ago
This song in x2 speed is jokes
Matt Tuch
Matt Tuch 11 days ago
jj will flog logan paul logan bad at fighting
RayRay Marcotte
RayRay Marcotte 12 days ago
best edits
Vybez 12 days ago
He is a champion
Miloš Miloš
Miloš Miloš 12 days ago
LearnOrigamiWithEric!! 12 days ago
KSI is going to win for sure
saifofn 13 days ago
People who are here in 20201 -->
osman teksoy
osman teksoy 13 days ago
iban = TR640001000014825549885001 account number = 825549885001 Recipient Osman Mülayim
EthanTube 14 days ago
ngl i do think logan won the first fight but i am a jj fan so i'm bias regardless
Seacomet 1
Seacomet 1 14 days ago
Wait ski did a illegal punch on Logan Paul I don’t think anybody realised
MadnessMo99 13 days ago
He didn’t. He knocked LP down. He hit him behind the ear. The ref said it was behind by head on accident but it wasn’t behind the head.
HalucyN 1337
HalucyN 1337 14 days ago
super cringe. Paul’s content is much better
super gamer techy
super gamer techy 15 days ago
ksi got Lucky
JJ hit him so that he started vacuum cleaning other men
BraveAbbas57 15 days ago
Damm Ksi better than Logan Paul
Trystan Battjes
Trystan Battjes 15 days ago
Lol get in a real fist fight with him no rules just a fight and see who wins...
Trystan Battjes
Trystan Battjes 10 days ago
@Nate Diaz did i mix them up or did i suggest to go all out? "bruh"
Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz 11 days ago
@Trystan Battjes Bruh I never got defensive. Bruh you just commented on a boxing video about Logan and Ksi and boxing is another sport. Why you even mix up boxing and MMA?
Trystan Battjes
Trystan Battjes 12 days ago
@Nate Diaz "bruh" why u get so defensive? ik what boxing is and how it works, but if it were me just saying... i woulda punched the ref if i was Logan, but fr tho i would wanna see a real fist fight, one wins preppy rules fighting and one wins real fighting
Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz 12 days ago
This is boxing not MMA and you have to play according to the rules. Yeah in a real fight Logan will win 100% but Bruh this is boxing. But yeah Logan Is a good man now. Respect
RooBert 15 days ago
XR _RAM 15 days ago
After that incredible song USposts recommend me with the end by vik 😂
Galactico 999
Galactico 999 15 days ago
Jj won the match the moment he made that extraordinary entrance. That mask killed it
Wadoud Boussahel
Wadoud Boussahel 16 days ago
i dont want knockdown i want KSI VS JAKE PAUL
moizzkhan 16 days ago
The only problem with this song is that it ain't long enough
JAMES LUCERO 16 days ago
JJ u know ur ass lost stop acting tuff
ItsAbdu 16 days ago
KSI’s punches made him a good man.
OverPlays 17 days ago
1:30 is that har-old? if it is did he want logan to win???
OverPlays 15 days ago
@smirza7 i hate logan paulolololol
smirza7 15 days ago
Course not you melon he was cheering when JJ was winning. That was just put there 😂
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis 17 days ago
Here before 10 million viewers !
Fe4rless 15 days ago
DudeBoyKen 17 days ago
HasherGameZ 17 days ago
I wonder why I wonder how and I wonder why and wonder how
Knight Wing
Knight Wing 17 days ago
Everyone was good in this song but Rick Ross Was phenomenal in my opinion When rick started rapping i got so hyped that i straight up punched my wall lol
Youssef Games
Youssef Games 17 days ago
No fucking bet it is one of the best songs
lisa mercer
lisa mercer 17 days ago
dude this is my sec laptop i broke one course i got hipped up when hit him soo hard epic win dude
idk why but whenever i see ksi , his laugh comes into my mind lol
Elwin Gasparovski
Elwin Gasparovski 18 days ago
KSI has a way better hairstyle than Logan Paul that's for sure
Kareem Shaher
Kareem Shaher 18 days ago
Why is that the thumbnail 😂
1:53 is that JB?
Leonel messi
Leonel messi 16 days ago
James Gallagher
James Gallagher 18 days ago
logan is all talk
Manish HG
Manish HG 19 days ago
dam this is really cool ngl
MC Blackout
MC Blackout 19 days ago
Is jj 5'11 or 6 foot?
buff guy
buff guy 19 days ago
I respect ksi and logan paul the same amount because they work there asses off but I enjoy watching Logan more
Nitish The legend
Nitish The legend 19 days ago
the fight was the best thing to happen in 2019
Badru Abou
Badru Abou 19 days ago
Why you gotta go, go and let me down like that (Ayy) Down like that Oh why? Why you go and let me down like that? (Ayy) Down like I was nothin' but loyal to you right from the start You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard I've always seen the light despite us being in the dark And you let me down like that, yeah, down like that (Oh why) Yeah, yeah, I want that knockdown Fuck up the system, make it shut down I'm cold with this, slow man down like Freezer (Mm) Wanna backstab like Frieza (Mm) Dictate death like Caesar (Mm) Always come through with a bee (Yeah) Got to do a lot to trouble me (Yeah) Visionary still won't tunnel me (Yeah) Me to you, now that will chuckle me Devilish views when they're aiming at the profit Emitting pain 'til you're nothing Remember what I said when that pussy tried moving with the opps? (Woo) Now he back with the blocks nigga Why you gotta go, go and let me down like that? (Ayy) Down like that Oh why? Why you go and let me down like that? (Ayy) Down like I was nothin' but loyal to you right from the start You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard I've always seen the light despite us being in the dark And you let me down like that, yeah (It's the biggest in the game) Down like that (Uh, uh) Phantoms in my yard, so ring around the Rolls (Skrr) Hardest on the block, the biggest one, da boss Helicopter pad the home of Sammy Sosa (Biggest) Stealing all the bases, I'm the ladies token (Woo) Bitches always bad, I'm known to blow the budgets Meek was at the crib, so double M the subject (Ahh) Condo got three levels, Postmate all the lunches Flippin' all the kilos, keepin' all the grudges (Ay) Boss Ain't no more let-downs unless the top getting dropped I love it at the top, my concierge don't ever stop me You know I fuck with Ross, I even went and bought da block A hundred million dollars strong, I really came from sellin' rocks Championship belt, them VVS's they spark Steal it, hit the gas and get out on the narcs Killers move for free, I just can't pick a cost Put the drip on market took it to the charts Now I'm rocking with the biggest And I'm fucking with the boss I'm out Why you gotta go, go and let me down like that? (Ayy) Down like that Oh why? Why you go and let me down like that? (Ayy) Down like I was nothin' but loyal to you right from the start You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard I've always seen the light despite us being in the dark And you let me down like that, yeah, down like that (Oh why)
Dexter Lloyd Alumbro
Dexter Lloyd Alumbro 19 days ago
"No matter what, He's not a real fighter." -biggest clown
20kJordans 20 days ago
Amazing top#1 I feel like when I hear this song I get more energy than before great song!
hristo Angelov
hristo Angelov 20 days ago
Now he is fighting mayweather 😁
ColeSlaw519 20 days ago
i fucking love this
Juan Grobler
Juan Grobler 20 days ago
Sick song
Cubaaa TV
Cubaaa TV 20 days ago
already watch the rematch, I Voted For KSI, But i agree with Logan paul that he can Punch more faster than KSI
Viorel Pintilei
Viorel Pintilei 20 days ago
Fgteev warching ksi and Login porll
Him: "Fuck up the world, make it shut down" Me: *Ha, if only he knew...*
@PRohan yep, sorry.
PRohan 11 days ago
It’s fuck up the system but I guess you changed it for the joke .
ethan jp
ethan jp 21 day ago
This is so inspirational
Gifted Human
Gifted Human 21 day ago
Now that i look back its so clear JJ hit that knockdown logan Got hit hard fell and grabbed onto JJ legs while falling to the ground
i_4M_ 3PiC
i_4M_ 3PiC 21 day ago
Happy New Year 2021!!!
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