Ending it all

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Link to Suicide Prevention Charities:

Rashed omran
Rashed omran Hour ago
i dont really hate login paul and KSI i used to not like KSI now he is my fav lol
Mr. Magra
Mr. Magra Hour ago
Yo I know it’s been up for a while but has Logan uncopyrighted the video yet ?
Crxcked _
Crxcked _ 3 hours ago
MrMaStEr 5 hours ago
Y dislike
MoonGamer 6 hours ago
75% Deji just talkin bulshit about Ksi
anthony hampton
anthony hampton 7 hours ago
girls talking while the teachers gone boys 4:27
raphaboi_137 8 hours ago
Ksi: *Gives deji a drink* Deji: MY BROVA IS TRYNG TO POISON ME *coughs*
Emily Tay
Emily Tay 8 hours ago
What a sad little life for your brother
Stinky Bread
Stinky Bread 9 hours ago
why am i watching this in 2021?
Gyenimaa Agyapong
Gyenimaa Agyapong 9 hours ago
Deji lies with every breath
Daniel Hindley
Daniel Hindley 10 hours ago
He’s such a male Karen
DarthWolf 11 hours ago
9:45 lmao the editors having fun
Amelie Games
Amelie Games 11 hours ago
Rahand Gaming
Rahand Gaming 13 hours ago
We are still going to like u
Wafels Tech
Wafels Tech 13 hours ago
JJ u make everyone proud
Swifty 15 hours ago
all respect to KSI.
Tomas Hernandez
Tomas Hernandez 15 hours ago
I don’t get why this is just now on my recommendation 😂
aclumsyavacado 15 hours ago
To be honest, I didn’t think I would whatch all this vid but of corse I did
Tomas Hernandez
Tomas Hernandez 15 hours ago
Blazerr 15 hours ago
Who else thought he meant something different by the title and was scared
Alexander Sapia
Alexander Sapia 10 minutes ago
Nope, just you
TSK 16 hours ago
Deji just needs to grow up honestly
Aji e
Aji e 17 hours ago
Image the familiy back together today :(
brokebear 18 hours ago
brokebear - Chillin (Official Music Video)
Ubayda Basith
Ubayda Basith 19 hours ago
I never clocked how much Deji snaked JJ
OneShot_XyTeath -
OneShot_XyTeath - 20 hours ago
Ni**a made a whole movie about this. Respect!
Bigg Xhanz
Bigg Xhanz 21 hour ago
I know this vid is old now and they’ve worked stuff out but damn I would’ve given Deji a hiding for days
ross 22 hours ago
Laura Hamstrong
Laura Hamstrong 23 hours ago
It really piss me off the fact that JJ is continuously apologizes to Deji for doing nothing wrong, literally his relationship with his parents was ruined because of Deji's jealousy.
vo khang
vo khang Day ago
I am confused someone pls explain
Peter Nava
Peter Nava 15 hours ago
It was beef that happened a long time ago
Tom-Erling skar
Tom-Erling skar Day ago
I know i'm kind of late on the respond of this video, But here it goes. I have to say sorry for my bad English before you think i'm crasy. I'm from Norway and my English is not that good. For the look of it i think you are the bigger man here. I know well how it is to struggle with family, But that have never taken away the fact that i still love them. I'm a big fan of you, But i still won't hate on your brother. I know that every person reacts differently when they are in a difficult situation, And your brother is doing it wrong. I agree with you that none of this should be public, But i understand why you respond to it. I really hope deep down in my heart that everything works out for you and your family man. I hope that you one day can look back at this with your brother, Your mother and your father in a way you all can accept, And move on. Please, JJ. I don't know if this message ever get to you, But you have my support. So does your brother, Your mother and your father. As a family, You all have my support. In the end, Family is all that matters, And i will continue to support both of you. I was not subscribed to your brothers channel before, But i will subscribe to him now. Not because what he's doing is right, But because i want all of you to be happy and feel sucess. I want all of you, As a family to be happy. I don't know if what i'm saying is making sence or my point is understood here, But in general i hope your family is seeing better times theese days. I know this video came out in 2019, And i don't know how it went, But i want you guys to know that i support you. I know what it's like to struggle with family. Best regards and all the best wished to all of you, All the way from Norway. Never change JJ.
F3 UseX
F3 UseX Day ago
I liked how you handle this and I hope that you make up because that’s what brothers are for not to argue
muizz570 Day ago
mo editing this crying
Kelsey Goulding
Kelsey Goulding Day ago
I never used to be a fan of ksi but these past few months my respect for him has📈📈📈 he’s such a genuine and funny guy!
John Donaldson
John Donaldson Day ago
I’m a ksi fan but come on this is funny a f both brothers have issues with ksi there is an answer for everything and negi must just think he is someone else
MRM Games
MRM Games Day ago
Deji needs to think before he speaks.
Lykos 45
Lykos 45 Day ago
The three worst types of people are: The Backstabber The Lier The person who believes those lie's and continues to do shit to the victim. Deji is two of those things.
a paradise bird
a paradise bird Day ago
These are private issue
Chonko Manocha
Chonko Manocha Day ago
jj are you in goods terms with your bro now?
Nico Nico
Nico Nico Day ago
“Eating a Lions testicle” XD
Not_Kayz Day ago
Ksi: breathes Deji: stop making fun out of asma
Bike Sandwich
Bike Sandwich Day ago
Dejis just like: I got no credit for my stolen idea
Herriswaran Gobalu
Herriswaran Gobalu Day ago
His parents are so dumb
Herriswaran Gobalu
Herriswaran Gobalu Day ago
@FlyInFlyOut i agree
FlyInFlyOut Day ago
No JJ loves his parents, Deji manipulated them because he lives with them
Herriswaran Gobalu
Herriswaran Gobalu Day ago
Poor jj
Herriswaran Gobalu
Herriswaran Gobalu Day ago
His family is so messed up
Esmai W
Esmai W Day ago
Respect levels 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Robbie Wilson
Robbie Wilson Day ago
anyone watching this in 2021
TitanSage Day ago
15:50 Ngl, this was funny 😂
Said Rahman
Said Rahman Day ago
Are you still watching
scottcgaming Day ago
I'm sorry but this title from the first time I watched this I for real thought he was finna kill himself
Kian O'Leary
Kian O'Leary Day ago
Hector Tzintzun
Hector Tzintzun Day ago
Bro deji is very manipulative and he turned his own parents against his own brother thats fucked
Nipun Srivastava
Nipun Srivastava Day ago
Damn! That's so sad. Can't believe I watched sad KSI for an hour and a half.
Dontpressonmyprofilpic -
Dontpressonmyprofilpic - Day ago
JJ usually- laughing historically and being stupid! As soon as someone chats shit about- sitting down for over an hour and defends himself! That’s my boy!
Yvng_jojo 2 days ago
Deji going out bad
Red panda
Red panda 2 days ago
look up "etika" and this is what you see
Ethan Pillay
Ethan Pillay 2 days ago
When u realise that he said there's another segment
Om Slice
Om Slice 2 days ago
So hard to choose a side
Numbers 2 days ago
Talk about dirty laundry
Virtual clips Lol
Virtual clips Lol 2 days ago
doom Day ago
deji fans probably
JustASaltyBoi Day ago
People without a brain
Charli Wilkinson
Charli Wilkinson 2 days ago
I know how it feels to think it your fault bc of family it happens to me all the time nd I know u probably won’t see this nd probs won’t care about eney of this but incase you do see this id like you to know I know how it feels nd so you know you my hero so ye I love u
Skull_Saif 2 days ago
Bro u shouldn't share your private family stuff man it's really bad
Ldhdjzj Jaklzjdbd
Ldhdjzj Jaklzjdbd 2 days ago
Honestly in this vid I don’t buy all of what KSI is saying, and with his family they r right. He should have stuck up for his brother if the sidemen did a bunch of insulting vids on him. However I do see the Deji also did and said some stupid shit and he looks rlly hypocritical after KSI clears things up
Sa Lt
Sa Lt 2 days ago
Ksi:breathes Deji:YOU ABUSED ME
Robyn Redfern
Robyn Redfern 2 days ago
Yeah I hate Deji lol
Spencer Espinoza
Spencer Espinoza 2 days ago
46:30 you can hear the emotion in his voice
bro shut up lol
Sara Roaslaima
Sara Roaslaima 2 days ago
If only Randolph did not say “Deji” when KSI asked “ name one person who has a dead channel” there would not be 6 Months beef..damn
Amelie Games
Amelie Games 11 hours ago
It's only because deji took it too far and didnt understand that it was a friendly joke. For example my brother's friend agreed that I was really weird and that I looked like a witch ext. but I didnt hate him after.
FlyInFlyOut Day ago
They had family issues a little bit before Randolph’s joke it was private at the time
Reilly Barlow
Reilly Barlow Day ago
Ye but he didn’t know that did he it was a joke Deji brought out of context
Yasser blog
Yasser blog 2 days ago
I never new that dedjy was your brother
Karan Sidhu
Karan Sidhu 2 days ago
U should do a vid with Deji plz
axtro jamze
axtro jamze 2 days ago
Its kinda sad that how this is what fame can do to you
LRN 247
LRN 247 2 days ago
Ive been watching this vi's for 3 days now lol😂
Sam Ogden
Sam Ogden 2 days ago
I like Joe weller so I was upset when jj was talking shit even after the fight ended, I never watched jj back when this hole fight was going on, but im a fan now (I just think it was wrong to attack Joe after he admitted that the jj won the fight and that jj was the better man)
Isaac Burnett Green
Isaac Burnett Green 2 days ago
I know it’s all in down but his integrity is really on show when he doesn’t even consider using his friends wages to settle something like he has the power to settle it all in such a snidely way and just refuses, he’s a good man
Vidit Deshpande
Vidit Deshpande 2 days ago
My love for ksi has increased, he is so living towards his idiotic brother
Sam Millar
Sam Millar 2 days ago
Jj: does nothing His family: ...and we took that personally
you've been GNOMED
you've been GNOMED 2 days ago
Deji probably put all these clips together for views
Jayson Nguyen
Jayson Nguyen 2 days ago
MikezzGames 2 days ago
I like balls
Rias Sweety
Rias Sweety 3 days ago
Did that just say a lion testicule
The Muay Thai Kid
The Muay Thai Kid 3 days ago
Yo I nearly low-key cried and the pain in both brothers eyes pains me as much as it pains them I’m really really proud of you as this is how you have handled it there were many other options and you’ve chosen the correct one and addressed what had to be said
Glitch Master
Glitch Master Day ago
@FlyInFlyOut and
FlyInFlyOut Day ago
@Glitch Master Nobody thinks your cool or funny
Cherry Liz Gacha stuff
Cherry Liz Gacha stuff Day ago
@Glitch Master you shush you started it
Glitch Master
Glitch Master 2 days ago
@Sam Millar shush kid
Sam Millar
Sam Millar 2 days ago
@Glitch Master it's literally a fucking comment section. yk where people choose to comment what they want to jesus christ man
J Lapp
J Lapp 3 days ago
Not even a fax machine could keep up with the facts
Patricia Matenene
Patricia Matenene 3 days ago
Am I the only one crying at the end?
Cai Dougal
Cai Dougal 3 days ago
Who’s here in 2021
Isabelle Peera
Isabelle Peera 3 days ago
ik this is over but ksi said u cant disprove a fact by saying litterely jj says its not true like that common sense is that also deji didnt support him in anything did u forget the rape when he supported u also he told u to stop the diss u didnt so why did u think telling him not to go on the podcast why would he listen
KillerJaySZN 3 days ago
KSI ik this video is old but if this was my brother i would've did no talking i would've beat my brother to a pulp
Alupheli Mpungose
Alupheli Mpungose 3 days ago
Jj I really like u and i know I'm gonna get hate for this but I really feel bad for deji🥺🥺🥺🥺 💔 big brothers should show more maturity
Avaleigh Atkins
Avaleigh Atkins 3 days ago
1:16:17 he looks like he wants to cry 🥺
Dan rowles Rowles
Dan rowles Rowles 3 days ago
Ultra man
Ultra man 3 days ago
K M 3 days ago
I think this is the only Video where jj has not laughed about anything while continually talking about something.
anthony aguilla
anthony aguilla 3 days ago
the way i was able to watch all of this was by surfing in cs and listing
Gaming With Memer
Gaming With Memer 3 days ago
You don’t deserve this Jj hopefully it turns out better your amazing Deji is being a FUCKING PRAT and he should be equal to you
Sudad Sudad
Sudad Sudad 3 days ago
I always see you smile and like it that way bro😔🥺
Babatunde 3 days ago
what a g
Evan Haran
Evan Haran 3 days ago
Blanaid White
Blanaid White 3 days ago
Spell birthday wrong
Mohamed Rashid Kiyas
Mohamed Rashid Kiyas 3 days ago
it's always the younger ones
the unnormal kid
the unnormal kid 3 days ago
Now we can see the knowledge part of ksi 💙
Not_Kayz 3 days ago
Watching this video for 1hr 19m clearly shows jj is actually very very mature about this situation and is being truthful
Mollums W
Mollums W 3 days ago
watching this more and more makes me cry :(
Mr. Split
Mr. Split 3 days ago
How is it all doing noe jj? Are you and your brother ok? Its hard to hear that you are having problems. Same to you deji if you see this
TkSharma 3 days ago
oh man
01 Adlawan Justin Laurence,
01 Adlawan Justin Laurence, 3 days ago
Ksi lied to me (There were no ads) 0:40
Not_Kayz 3 days ago
Kartik Nair
Kartik Nair 3 days ago
anyone in 2021?
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