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2 years ago

Pre-order KSI: CAN’T LOSE here now: www.cantlosefilm.com
Go pre-order now, then tweet me with hashtag #KSICantLose to enter the giveaway. The prizes available are:
• 100 signed limited edition Can’t Lose posters
• 5 signed pairs of boxing gloves
• 2 pairs of tickets to come to the Can’t Lose premiere in London
• The actual gloves I wore the night I destroyed Joe Weller
• And the best prize of them all, you and a mate, backstage and ringside for the Logan Paul fight.
Pre-order in UK/Ireland:
Amazon - amzn.to/2ICIbBf
iTunes - geo.itunes.apple.com/gb/movie/ksi-cant-lose/id1403597193?mt=6&at=10lHKF …
Pre-order everywhere else:
Out worldwide on August 10th.
No purchase necessary for competition.

shoto todorokiKSIStan
shoto todorokiKSIStan 7 days ago
We need this Version of jj back
Heinrich Munika
Heinrich Munika Month ago
what is the name of the song at the begining of the vid the faster you replay the higher chance you have to save someone from commiting suicide.
liam crutch
liam crutch 4 months ago
1:45 its true. he never wears shoes
liam crutch
liam crutch 4 months ago
bro hes scared of a fly lol
Jonnyjon Joo
Jonnyjon Joo 8 months ago
Rapid Year ago
Who's here after JJ won?
Sensei Yunus
Sensei Yunus Year ago
Samuel R
Samuel R Year ago
thatbrownboysaifaan Year ago
I’m from the future. JJ and I fought and I won.
Si hyeok
Si hyeok Year ago
very funny
Cammyboy0434 Year ago
At 3:41 you can see joe wellers blood on the glove
Placide Jr.
Placide Jr. Year ago
Who's here after the logan Paul fight?
Alexander • 7 years ago
Alexander • 7 years ago Year ago
Placide Mabengo Jr. are you trolling?
GM7 Year ago
1:28 😂😂me everyday struggling every time the fly blends into a dark color object
zinc zinczinc
zinc zinczinc Year ago
1:13 what about on USposts?
gokuenders xd
gokuenders xd Year ago
Who won to go with him
Isaac Wentink
Isaac Wentink Year ago
KSI lost
Isaac Wentink
Isaac Wentink 9 months ago
poo poo you’re a bit behind
Funny pickle Rick
Funny pickle Rick 9 months ago
Well, no
Pauldiniho 2 years ago
song at the start?
emily 2 years ago
quick question is there anyone in this comment section over the age of 12 cos at least 70% of the comments are supporting Logan wtf
Ksi3rd Channel
Ksi3rd Channel 2 years ago
That fly is Logan Paul
JamesMT 2 years ago
2:00 flashbacks 2 Logan in the forrest
Alex Cretu
Alex Cretu 2 years ago
My sister got a Logan Paul jumper for her birthday She then threw it in the bin
Hypka 2 years ago
it was a draw with logan... so technically he cant lose
Nazmin Begum
Nazmin Begum 2 years ago
What the intro song called
Nanthan Kumar
Nanthan Kumar 2 years ago
yur ass
oscar stainton
oscar stainton 2 years ago
_GautamCro_ 2 years ago
Felix Snell
Felix Snell 2 years ago
You did well in the boxing match
Domenic Petrosinelli
Domenic Petrosinelli 2 years ago
Who's watching this after the fight
Mariana Uribe
Mariana Uribe 2 years ago
You're going to lose dude
Bledina Aliu
Bledina Aliu 2 years ago
1:32 When jake paul and logan Paul come to fight
28 Stab Wounds
28 Stab Wounds Year ago
And then he kills them both.
Ritvik Mishra
Ritvik Mishra 2 years ago
Low key promoting Sky 1
Sammi Rose
Sammi Rose 2 years ago
Dude u need a bra
Saije Productions
Saije Productions 17 days ago
are you dumb thats muscle
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming 2 years ago
Logan Paul should kill himself like if you agree also Logan Paul belongs in hell or prison
Aiyalina 2 years ago
Ughhhhhhh im so sick of this “logan fight” shit.. Why? Why soo many videos about this? I loooved your humor, your gameplaying,you screaming and stuff... i feel like unsubscribing... UNTILL you will stop all this shit and win the fucking fight, cuz im not unsubscribing and i will cheer for you anyways. But i still hate all this fight stuff, and i will be SOOO waiting for this to end.
mary k
mary k 2 years ago
U cant win either fam it was a draw
TimoPlays 2 years ago
mary k well if you wanna talk like that KSI almost won with 58/57 on one of the judges score cards and 57/57 on the rest...and Logan almost lost
KingAlexGaming 2 years ago
still undefeated
william Daniels White
william Daniels White 2 years ago
He didn't lose
A 2 years ago
You lost the match have shame
Alexander • 7 years ago
Alexander • 7 years ago Year ago
Syed Afridi, no he didn’t.
Neo Nullifier
Neo Nullifier 2 years ago
I heard the deji in ksi voice when he said FUCK
XxFuntimeFxyrulesxX 2 years ago
It’s fight day 😈
Siisandor 2 years ago
KSI, miks sina vcopyd sarion tvvv
Lolzers 123
Lolzers 123 2 years ago
Jj stop trying we all no your gonna lose and your horrible to Logan and he’s horrible to you but you could at least stop making videos it’s just boring make a video what’s actually fun and doesn’t bore me oh wait u cant do that they all bore me actually I don’t even watch them I just put mean comments on your videos xxx
guacamole wings
guacamole wings 2 years ago
Don’t worry everyone Logan’s gonna get smashed
Eleanor Hynam
Eleanor Hynam 2 years ago
Good luck 💖 don’t let that America Mother fucking win xx
Chris Eccles
Chris Eccles 2 years ago
Logan Paul has left the chat room...
Meme Baiz
Meme Baiz 2 years ago
Logan and you have comatition
Kaylee Biersack
Kaylee Biersack 2 years ago
Me when I see a fly around my head 😂😂 YESSS JJ. BEAT LOGANS ASS 😍
The Crimson Dex
The Crimson Dex 2 years ago
better win bro
Rachel Lowery
Rachel Lowery 2 years ago
I like you and logan OMG
Yoskull 2 years ago
Your both just childish
Formula _btw
Formula _btw 2 years ago
meowks 2 years ago
Where the livestream gonna be
Lara Hewitt
Lara Hewitt 2 years ago
I made a fan made trailer for ksi v logan paul
Jessica McGowen
Jessica McGowen 2 years ago
Wow children fighting all over again.... this is why nobody can get along we all human give it a rest both you.... so dramatic tbh.... (no hate)
Husnain A
Husnain A 2 years ago
1:46 Logan Paul RIP hahah
Denise R
Denise R 2 years ago
I love u
Jennifer Bacay
Jennifer Bacay 2 years ago
So? Is this video for stuffing your movie in logans face?
Ashley Padilla
Ashley Padilla 2 years ago
Your nasty and say nasty thing about people i thought you were grown up but your really just a 3 year old wich is why i love logan @loganpaul
Scott Sheridan
Scott Sheridan 2 years ago
Your going to beat the shit out of logan paul
chelsea ugh
chelsea ugh 2 years ago
*your irrelevant*
A7Gamer 2 years ago
Why hell do we have pay money to watch ksi vs logan
KxRaxe 2 years ago
KSI I believe IN YOU!
KxRaxe 2 years ago
Ksi I believe in you
Jenna Joel
Jenna Joel 2 years ago
Bring the dead fly with you to the fight and say hey Logan here’s something to film.
GroovyGamer 05
GroovyGamer 05 2 years ago
That Fly is Logan. Dead!
ainabaebaex 2 years ago
I love this guyyyy 💖💖💖💖
ainabaebaex 2 years ago
Ksi is very confident and i like it
Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali 2 years ago
Does anyone know the ending music with the tickets n things?
russianbro101 2 years ago
I want him to go boxing professionally so he can get the shit beaten out of him
Spacey Extra
Spacey Extra 2 years ago
ok cool comment
The Super Siblings
The Super Siblings 2 years ago
Logan Paul is definitely going to win this fucking fight ,,, come on LOGAN 🤙🤙
Noiir - Gameplay & More
Noiir - Gameplay & More 2 years ago
what has human society come to?
anonymous identity
anonymous identity 2 years ago
xdepressedx 2 years ago
I just wanna see Ksi get his ass whooped by someone.
begone thot.
begone thot. 2 years ago
The “baby carrot” is the size of Logan’s brain.
Swinzie's Lets do things
Swinzie's Lets do things 2 years ago
Can anyone please tell me the intro song
Swinzie's Lets do things
Swinzie's Lets do things 2 years ago
Can anyone please tell me the intro song
Power_ Bullet
Power_ Bullet 2 years ago
Go ksi i hope you win good luck you to logan
Robens Monteau
Robens Monteau 2 years ago
I killed one unintentionally by throwing a knife in my back yard
da bomb VIDZ
da bomb VIDZ 2 years ago
UwU 2 years ago
Yup. As I suspected. Logan is gonna beat you up
Spacey Extra
Spacey Extra 2 years ago
well don't be so sure as you don't know until the fight plus you have to look at stats to get an accurate outlook on the fight.
Billy Boi
Billy Boi 2 years ago
Rishi Datta
Rishi Datta 2 years ago
at the end it was not "i cant lose ... i can't " .... he acutally meant " I CUNT"😮😆
Rodrigo Bizama
Rodrigo Bizama 2 years ago
Sameerajose DIYs
Sameerajose DIYs 2 years ago
putri syahla
putri syahla 2 years ago
Don' be arrogant I'm waiting for you to lose and rest in peace 😊
Jivarhn hill
Jivarhn hill 2 years ago
Yo I finally bought it
CrazygamerXtreme 2 years ago
Where do u get King Will Dream shirts from
Electro Skull
Electro Skull 2 years ago
ksi will win but if you pay attention at logan at his muscles it looks big and he looks strong, not really trying to hate or to be mean but logan has 86% he might win this
Austin Dinh
Austin Dinh 2 years ago
I feel like ksi is gonna win
shoto todorokiKSIStan
shoto todorokiKSIStan Day ago
@Piesel Patches bro he was trying what are you on
Piesel Patches
Piesel Patches 3 months ago
@Mmmhmm how is a 6"2 strongest better man scared of a little dude
Mmmhmm 3 months ago
@Charlesss F. 😂
Mmmhmm 3 months ago
@Piesel Patches he was scared dummy
Piesel Patches
Piesel Patches 3 months ago
@Mmmhmm because he wasnt trying mhm
Michael Goode
Michael Goode 2 years ago
I think it’s a little too early to release a documentary about how you can’t lose when first: KSI won one boxing match that looked terrible(not that I could do any better) and he thinks he can go pro. And two: He hasn’t even won his match with Logan Paul yet😂 which is still only his second boxing match lol
ProdigyEZ 2 years ago
He had to use logan's name so that more ppl would come to know about his "movie" 😂😂😂😂😂
leroy 2335
leroy 2335 2 years ago
Logan rest and peace on the 25th
leroy 2335
leroy 2335 2 years ago
It's over for Logan and deji
Reilly 25
Reilly 25 2 years ago
The Paul brothers always say Walmart to take the kick even though they sell there merch in there😂😂😂 Like if you agree
ejicus 2 years ago
Maja Maria
Maja Maria 2 years ago
God i cant listen to you paul team is better bruhh
loopy2/04/07 squad
loopy2/04/07 squad 2 years ago
I'm a Pauler but that's ok because I don't hate you I think your funny and you have good videos and I'm talking about yes you jj hehe😋good luck with the fight
Spacey Extra
Spacey Extra 2 years ago
probably the only Pauler i respect and like good luck to Logan on the fight too friend.
Carolyn Wilson
Carolyn Wilson 2 years ago
Logan Paul is going to win
lele pons
lele pons 2 years ago
,,,,Grey pus sy kiss you b****
Brain Food
Brain Food 2 years ago
Ksi will win no matter what, really who likes a cringy idiot that much then little kids
Alex todd
Alex todd 2 years ago
Logan Paul(the true champion)
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