KSI & Logan Paul Rewatch The First Boxing Fight - 40 Days

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Year ago

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Kimwel Angeles
Kimwel Angeles 2 hours ago
Logan:2 of the biggest internet stars Me: 2?
Saniata Madamba
Saniata Madamba 7 hours ago
Hahahaha ksi is that best boxer
Ramatoulie kah
Ramatoulie kah 8 hours ago
I caught Jake Paul somking
greays 11 hours ago
Bro jake and logan talking about how hes gonna win rematch is just AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Jovianna Ikeda
Jovianna Ikeda 13 hours ago
did u realized that u look so Scottish when u wear skirt-short for boxing 😂
Jonathan Zeru
Jonathan Zeru 14 hours ago
ngl he looked pretty weird when he took off his mask.
Muhammad Nomad
Muhammad Nomad 15 hours ago
"two of the biggest internet stars ever" this fight was the reason I came to know about them...
SØBUR 9 hours ago
That's your own problem..they are the biggest
MAD_TRICKSTER 15 hours ago
me watching again in 2021
MST Dealz
MST Dealz 20 hours ago
Man ksi is a beast
Ben Coetzee
Ben Coetzee Day ago
Why does Logan keep calling JJ a kid when he’s older than Logan
[AP-Student] Angelo Recca Sy
[AP-Student] Angelo Recca Sy Day ago
KSI laughs like a dying squirrel
Sudhin Maheshwar
Sudhin Maheshwar Day ago
jake and logan yogether in thumbnail. naneee!!!!
Leo Messi at Prime
Leo Messi at Prime Day ago
Logan calls KSI a dirty dog. But who got 2 points taken away for a cheap shot
Travis Fairman
Travis Fairman Day ago
1:38 wtf did the guy in the black say
Josue Avila
Josue Avila Day ago
When Briggs said that and I watch rematch I can’t wait when Logan Paul loses much better
eyuel desta
eyuel desta Day ago
3:14 I think he wanted to eat something else ;)
Gustavo Sabillon
Gustavo Sabillon Day ago
This is so funny now
that guy
that guy Day ago
The way Shannon was talking like jj wasn’t winning round six made me laugh so much
Zyntex official
Zyntex official Day ago
If logan dint playing ksi he can win
Cake GP
Cake GP Day ago
literally nobody: shannon: LETS GO CHAMP!
Avinash Dubey
Avinash Dubey Day ago
And ksi won eventually. it ended happily
Astro nomia
Astro nomia 2 days ago
Logan paul:I feel like im the worlds best boxer Manny pacqiauo:am i a joke to you?
Ardrei Ramirez
Ardrei Ramirez 2 days ago
When a black kid and a white kid fight in school
HANKTHETANK 2 days ago
“He’s sadistic”😭
lxstFN 2 days ago
but the thing is, jj won in the end so who gives a toss
The Panthers
The Panthers 2 days ago
because logan poul is in the video I hate this shit
love you
love you 2 days ago
13:22 woah logan chill out getting freaky ;)
Juwana_ J
Juwana_ J 2 days ago
13:46 why does it move like that 😭💀
Goldie & Koi
Goldie & Koi 2 days ago
What you mean how he flicks his wrists? That's how you are supposed to box it's a vital part of boxing lol
RandomGuy 2 days ago
JJ: views mistakes and works to overcome them Logan: taunts, gases himself up and then loses again and again *LETS GO CHAMP*
Samuel Howells-Beale
Samuel Howells-Beale 2 days ago
He said there was 15,000 people and 15,000 were booing him
anonymous 67
anonymous 67 2 days ago
Yet he wants to fight one of the best boxers ever with a 50 - 0 record omfg 😂😂
Goldie & Koi
Goldie & Koi 2 days ago
I would get my ass beat by the best boxer in the world for a big paycheck, clout and just to say I did if I could aswell lol.
Lord Escanor
Lord Escanor 3 days ago
Who wants to Watch MR. Beast v.s. Pewdiepie
Ennog Explorasi
Ennog Explorasi 3 days ago
Logal Paul neede training hard to this and aswell more practice
Nicoy Henry
Nicoy Henry 3 days ago
Me everytime ksi shert. Jumps🙄
the lad 1010
the lad 1010 3 days ago
You got this ksi
Goldie & Koi
Goldie & Koi 2 days ago
?? Are you cheering him on if he fights jake or are you cheering him on for a fight that already happened lmaoo
Domanaiter Red
Domanaiter Red 3 days ago
Logan lost the fight to😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SKONIKA 3 days ago
To be honest Logan should ve won the first fight but meeh gj for both
J D 3 days ago
xwolfiex xxx
xwolfiex xxx 4 days ago
Whos the best Ksi or logan ass?
LAURAJC 4 days ago
What happened between Logan and KSI why they hatin each other and by the way luv ja KSI
colby Dabreu
colby Dabreu 4 days ago
eddie hearn🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lyndon Nelson
Lyndon Nelson 4 days ago
I need this comment to get famous: let’s have a rematch 2020 6 months from today they are in the ring
colby Dabreu
colby Dabreu 4 days ago
second biggest joke in boxing history
colby Dabreu
colby Dabreu 4 days ago
XP 4 days ago
mr beast
mr beast 4 days ago
Ksi vs rico verhoeve
mr beast
mr beast 4 days ago
Go vis Rico verhoeve
Marc Thornton
Marc Thornton 4 days ago
I know both coaches are world class, but also are both “yes” men.
James Frank
James Frank 5 days ago
We need a rematch not because I want logan to win but because I want ksi to beat logan up.
Duvan Bezuidenhout
Duvan Bezuidenhout 5 days ago
I hate the fact that these you tubers consider themselves pro boxers smh
justin Densebuds
justin Densebuds 5 days ago
Still not BOXERS.
justin Densebuds
justin Densebuds 5 days ago
Laira G
Laira G 5 days ago
KSI suckssssss
Shahir Khan
Shahir Khan 5 days ago
Who else when watching this was moving their head from Logan's punches
Wesam_way 5 days ago
jake : i hate ksi with all my heart me: that is is how 7.8 billion people feel about u
Roninjain 5 days ago
Still been clickbaited now ffs
Unhappy Customer
Unhappy Customer 6 days ago
KSI you suck at fighting I bet a little kid beat you up
jake heroldt
jake heroldt 6 days ago
Unpopular opinion- and I’m by no means a fan of Jake Paul, but I think Jake would beat KSI if they fought right now.
Caleb Pool
Caleb Pool 6 days ago
Idk why everybody saying logan trash ksi won by one point. Well good job bud where u at when u said u were gonna knock his ass out
Lindsey Raffensperger
Lindsey Raffensperger 6 days ago
It's so funny when Logan said the kid look like he wants to eat my face when 7years ago ksi was 21 and Logan was like 14-15 Logan sucks
Mehrin miah
Mehrin miah 6 days ago
Logan do be acting like a girl with his hands on his hips like I'm a girl but i don't do that omfg
Miro Heimonen
Miro Heimonen 6 days ago
I kinda dont like shannon
Gustavo Delatorre Betancourt
Gustavo Delatorre Betancourt 6 days ago
2:50 witch is when Ksi took off the mask he looked like chucky lmao
Lynz 6 days ago
What the fuck this was over a year ago
hawawski cyronzander
hawawski cyronzander 6 days ago
i hate paul im sorry for all his fans but i hater thadt kid
Heinz Doof
Heinz Doof 7 days ago
Wish and hoped that they reacted together
Kyle Mckinnon
Kyle Mckinnon 7 days ago
LOGAN: he a dirty scumbag also Logan: headlocks JJ
Dunkeyyy Bash
Dunkeyyy Bash 7 days ago
This did not age well
Shyler Fernandes
Shyler Fernandes 7 days ago
Lmao Vidal and JJ being completely honest and the two Americans( who as an American don’t represent me) are just trashing him no reason. Lmao it so funny yet sad
icaka3 иванов
icaka3 иванов 7 days ago
Can you do one round which Ryan Garcia
KhanKhal UwU
KhanKhal UwU 7 days ago
I feel like i watch a kids fight🤣
tom bailey
tom bailey 7 days ago
Swear the people who like Logan and jake play fortnite for fun
Jace 8 days ago
Bruh who doesn't like ksi
KK OFFICIAL 8 days ago
I thought thy were reacting together!!!wtf
Systems 8 days ago
They both clowns tbh
REDMIST 8 days ago
i’ve been clickbated
Byron Torres
Byron Torres 8 days ago
At 13:17 you can see jake Paul smoking
Joshy Woshy
Joshy Woshy 8 days ago
Never knew a kid could beat big blonde man Logan paul
MALLOWS 16 8 days ago
whats wrong to their fight is they only aim for the head
Jacob Nussear
Jacob Nussear 8 days ago
That is chessie
ban 8 days ago
Bro Logan says bs all the time bout ksi when it got backfired and ksi won the fight
b0ss3n shawty
b0ss3n shawty 8 days ago
i wonder how it feels for logan paul’s parents to mistakenly have logan and jake
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 8 days ago
Why on stage when KSI ran at Logan Jake backed up and then acted like he was going to do something
Fighterlm 1234
Fighterlm 1234 8 days ago
Lionel Bonardo Sipayung LBS
Lionel Bonardo Sipayung LBS 8 days ago
I see the next creed vs drago lol
zzzgames 123
zzzgames 123 9 days ago
'best combo in internet history' Mate have you seen technoblade
M1NH 9 days ago
Most biased thing ever
daniel 2nd acount
daniel 2nd acount 9 days ago
In saying srry
daniel 2nd acount
daniel 2nd acount 9 days ago
I didnt mean two ns
daniel 2nd acount
daniel 2nd acount 9 days ago
Logan is sayinng the kid but ksi is older wtf
daniel 2nd acount
daniel 2nd acount 9 days ago
The first match i new ksi was gonna win but when the refare i spelled that but when the refare said draw he was on drugs
Jennifer Bay
Jennifer Bay 9 days ago
JJ pulled through
Flickzy Zotac
Flickzy Zotac 9 days ago
Jake Paul sound like 12 year old ngl
JoelJoestar 9 days ago
I think Logan would have easily won if he didn’t get cocky
season finale
season finale 9 days ago
I m subscribed them both
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas 9 days ago
Second fight and he still can't box for shit. Still throwing haymakers that barely land
Zachary Adams
Zachary Adams 10 days ago
"I'm going to knock KSI the fuck out" that didn't age well
Omy Carr
Omy Carr 10 days ago
Well that was misleading
Noah Hoffmaster
Noah Hoffmaster 10 days ago
Look not being biased because im American, but logan should have won the fight, more hits and bigger hits, plus ksi should have lost points for the late swing
Justin Lee
Justin Lee 10 days ago
She’s Here!!! 💝
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