KSI - Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp) [Official Music Video]

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9 months ago

Listen to “Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp): ksi.ffm.to/poppin.oyd
Check Out KSI’s Debut Album “Dissimulation”: ksi.ffm.to/dissimulation.opr

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com

Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
#KSI #LilPump #Smokepurpp

JACK GAYLE 3 hours ago
smokepurpp is fire
Lucky 5 hours ago
1:41 WTF
ドリフトNeozixxs 11 hours ago
Evan Burris
Evan Burris 11 hours ago
why the fuck is the viner here
Vshnu 12 hours ago
Why are you here?
Vshnu 12 hours ago
For Lil Pump's verse
Its Nitr4 FN
Its Nitr4 FN 13 hours ago
this song splas hard
Adam Baulch
Adam Baulch 15 hours ago
Lil pump is such a squeaker
Teun Huisman
Teun Huisman 16 hours ago
Why do ppl hate on this song it’s fye
Flash6ordonRox 20 hours ago
It’s really almost been a year since this came out
Arkee Day ago
Lil pump in this song orgasm birds cirbs rat facts rich bich stitch
kaawel Day ago
one day after my birthday
Alexll20 Day ago
this gives me start of lockdown vibes
Migel Shehaj
Migel Shehaj Day ago
I cant believe this is the guy who made ‘im riding on a horse’
Corbidis Corbai
Corbidis Corbai Day ago
Lil pump would absolutely freestyle circles around these people who talk shit about him. Y'all don't understand the mechanics behind the kids verse. If it wasn't for lil pump, this song wouldn't be nearly as big. Genius took the first verse to warm up the other two.
Ünifang Day ago
IS THAT BAILY SOK????!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
AngryBomby Day ago
How many energy drinks did that girl take
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Day ago
Tell me why lil pump is actually pretty good at rhyming now XD
Rahma ABdi
Rahma ABdi 2 days ago
Can someone plz post the lyrics to this song plz help a gurl out
Rahma ABdi
Rahma ABdi 2 days ago
This is fire
123 83
123 83 2 days ago
January 2021 anyone ?
ドリフトNeozixxs 11 hours ago
Cruzer 2 days ago
Lil pump is the only raper that can sound worst in any new song than the previous one ☝️
Man like OG
Man like OG 2 days ago
ツBlisssc 2 days ago
ayo smoke purp
Caleb Oray
Caleb Oray 2 days ago
Lil pump has really good songs and spits bars, or his songs suck ass. He a hit or miss
Doodoo Dooodoo
Doodoo Dooodoo 2 days ago
2:55 I wish purpp goes back to this. This the one that we used to defend when mfs used to call him a mumble rapper 😞😞
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 2 days ago
Jake paul’s version is lootin
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 2 days ago
Lil pump is the type of guy that goes bald genetically and still go to the barbershop
MrFunkz 2 days ago
DARKEST BLUE 2 days ago
Is nobody going to talk about the beginning
D ROAX 3 days ago
I hate to say it but smoke purp carried
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin 3 days ago
Lil Pump & Lil Dicky - TVV Twerk Remix ft. The Rejectz & Smokepurpp (Virus Trap Twerk Remix)
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin 3 days ago
Lil Pump - Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp) [Twerk & Psychic Type & Dillon Francis & Major Lazer & TWRK Remix]
Underground Asylum fan page 4 kmk K.M.K-ULTRA
Underground Asylum fan page 4 kmk K.M.K-ULTRA 3 days ago
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 3 days ago
bro,why the fuck is JJ always walking like a robot in the stairs?XD
Ethan B
Ethan B 3 days ago
Ksi is so lame lame as Hail
Arturo Vega
Arturo Vega 3 days ago
This sucks and ksi sucks to
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 2 days ago
Really? Must be better than jake
Agro -_-
Agro -_- 3 days ago
lil pump the type of guy to get a trundle wheel put it on his car and try to measure how far he drove
Dainiel Guttierez
Dainiel Guttierez 3 days ago
Liked this video because of Bailey hahahahahaha
ぞうJuuzou 3 days ago
Bruh they stole the beat from $uicideboy$ 😂
Fergiefuckthenigga Nigga
Fergiefuckthenigga Nigga 3 days ago
The beat sound like What the fuck is happenin' from $uicideboy$
red heavy
red heavy 4 days ago
This beat is great
Allan Domucmat
Allan Domucmat 4 days ago
its funny that ksi is the only non mumble rapper in this song
sauqi idlan
sauqi idlan 5 days ago
wish babatunde can rap with sir theodore III 😭
Namkookie _
Namkookie _ 5 days ago
Do I see Bailey?! 😌
Nilen Abeyratna
Nilen Abeyratna 5 days ago
dont think i dont see u king bach poppin in the background
Dylan Boyle
Dylan Boyle 5 days ago
Songs bombin (minus the little pump part)
Kyose Yoshimoto
Kyose Yoshimoto 5 days ago
dat deep laughhhhhh ahh
TASBIR ISLAM 5 days ago
Smokepurpp killed it 🔥
Taraldinho PRINGLE
Taraldinho PRINGLE 5 days ago
No ksi was goated
darko durdeski
darko durdeski 5 days ago
there is actually 3 man created this song lil pump smokepurpp and jj olatunji
Taraldinho PRINGLE
Taraldinho PRINGLE 5 days ago
No 4. Lil pump. Smokepurpp. Ksi. And jj olatunji
Shotta Ff
Shotta Ff 6 days ago
Who else saw Kingbach😭
AyySal 5 days ago
me n yo mom
Y’all Trippin ManeTV
Y’all Trippin ManeTV 6 days ago
People say lil pumps part was bad but to me it’s lowkey better than anything else he’s put out😭
vohz 6 days ago
why am i watching this
vohz 5 days ago
@Ling Yap true
Ling Yap
Ling Yap 5 days ago
Cause it’s good music
Racy K
Racy K 6 days ago
BAILEY?? Was that Bailey??? Dammmm she gone far, so proud of her!!
Avery Vlogs
Avery Vlogs 6 days ago
so how much did he pay lil pump to come on lmfao
Ling Yap
Ling Yap 5 days ago
He doesn’t pay them
Burhan Rahman
Burhan Rahman 6 days ago
lets be honest lil pump ruined the whole vibe
Kayn 6 days ago
You should've made little purp freestyle
Çınar ergelen
Çınar ergelen 6 days ago
Vincefrom PH
Vincefrom PH 6 days ago
Damn thats lil pump he looke different
Genius Nature
Genius Nature 6 days ago
Smokepurpp almost forgot who he was for a second
Josh Mcbay
Josh Mcbay 6 days ago
Fire 🔥
LuhBrxton 6 days ago
fun fact: when ksi plays south in friday night funkin, this plays instead
Noah Atkinson
Noah Atkinson 6 days ago
Lowkey hard
Isaiah Fast
Isaiah Fast 7 days ago
UK vibes am I right
nevaahh 7 days ago
lil pump out here just sayin random stuff
David Munsell
David Munsell 7 days ago
zack15 re
zack15 re 7 days ago
That girl is moving mad😂
AceGali 7 days ago
the girl ruined the vibe
Ridhish Sindhol
Ridhish Sindhol 7 days ago
I was hoping ksi would delete the m/v lol
Tayyaba Shamim
Tayyaba Shamim 7 days ago
Did any body notice belly
Burhan Rahman
Burhan Rahman 7 days ago
It should of been Smokepurpp-Poppin ft. lil pump and ksi
GoldWonka 7 days ago
anyone else see king Bach in the background
Nail sayed
Nail sayed 7 days ago
got dam this is fire
Jack Solomon
Jack Solomon 7 days ago
that girl cannot dance for shit no offense
FalseFaythe 5 days ago
fakof krapkrap
fakof krapkrap 7 days ago
Edgy Eggy
Edgy Eggy 7 days ago
Did y'all realise that King Bach is literally in the video 0:43
Tristen Vega
Tristen Vega 7 days ago
Kyle Doucette
Kyle Doucette 8 days ago
2 words RAPPER DELIGHT, imagine if THEY had instantaneous exposure worldwide.
Aira Ashok
Aira Ashok 8 days ago
jj predicted the movie tenet or he copied its trailer, anyways god damn
King Jay Goat
King Jay Goat 8 days ago
I hate your song
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 2 days ago
I hate jake paul
Blacktick___ 8 days ago
I can’t be the only one who forgot about this song
Charlie Magee
Charlie Magee 8 days ago
king bach at the start
Shut Up
Shut Up 8 days ago
did i actually see lady gaga?
Im Triston
Im Triston 9 days ago
Logan is better
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 2 days ago
Both are poppin But jake is lootin
FalseFaythe 5 days ago
Both good
anime weeb2.0
anime weeb2.0 8 days ago
Im Triston
Im Triston 9 days ago
So pokr had to have the most bitch ass rapper on yo song
Im Triston
Im Triston 9 days ago
KSI I wanna fight to ass
Ismail Ghani
Ismail Ghani 9 days ago
This song sucks. Ksi has no musical talent. I don't understand why he does this. smh
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 7 hours ago
@Ismail Ghani ok
Ismail Ghani
Ismail Ghani 2 days ago
@Instinct KSI i'm just stating my opinion. nothing wrong if you guys listen to this crap
Instinct KSI
Instinct KSI 2 days ago
@Ismail Ghani 🧂
FalseFaythe 5 days ago
@Ismail Ghani “music isn’t his thing” LMAOO you’re chatting shit gtfo
Ismail Ghani
Ismail Ghani 8 days ago
@anime weeb2.0 bro ur sense of taste in music has been corrupted. Ksi is entertaining and talented, on the youtube level. Music isn't his thing. and he doesn't realize it,
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf 9 days ago
Music of the soul
Music of the soul 9 days ago
Lil pump ruined this song bruh. Id very much rather OfficiallyLeo. We need a remix JJ
Ant Antelope
Ant Antelope 9 days ago
Big Behz Cr1tic
Big Behz Cr1tic 9 days ago
Jake paul’s version is loot shoppin
fsdmifwe tr34t34
fsdmifwe tr34t34 9 days ago
why is king bach everywhere
Heated Hat
Heated Hat 9 days ago
Ez money
big nose avi iskhakov
big nose avi iskhakov 9 days ago
Trash Am not feeling it
Heated Hat
Heated Hat 9 days ago
Nah it's good
TEEN FORCE-'dance'
TEEN FORCE-'dance' 10 days ago
came here for bailey sok
Omniveil 11 days ago
Putting the cowbell makes it perfect
Itsyoboi1018 11 days ago
The people who disliked are all level 3 subs on pokimane's twitch
Alfie Smithers
Alfie Smithers 3 days ago
nah their suicideboys fans, jj literally stole the beat from one of their songs - 'what the fuck is happening'
darko durdeski
darko durdeski 11 days ago
why do people think this is trash ???
Riri Cutie
Riri Cutie 11 days ago
Bailey Sok is the dancer in this vid
Probably Tr1x
Probably Tr1x 11 days ago
1:40 I Thought he said look at my wrist corona 😂 I just noticed he said my neck got ebola
Bob the builder
Bob the builder 11 days ago
He does
KOM 11 days ago
I put a drill beat over Red alert By KSI and Randolph ! Would mean the world to me if you'd check it out!
Victor Von Doom
Victor Von Doom 11 days ago
this smokepurpp is different from the one on florida jit. what happened between april and june
eazydubz 11 days ago
This song would’ve been good if lil pump wasent in it
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