KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]

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8 months ago

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com www.premierleagueentertainmen...
Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures
#KSI #Offset #Cap #HipHop

dubthirsty 3 hours ago
RIP headphone users at the beginning of the song
little bunny care1
little bunny care1 15 hours ago
Why the fire songs only have 400k likes and other trash one has 600k
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 18 hours ago
Kyle 18 hours ago
Ksi verse dont even make sense
luka zagar -
luka zagar - 21 hour ago
Forgot this existed
ReaprFN Day ago
Every one either forgot about this song or didn’t know it was made by ksi
IMr HotSauce
IMr HotSauce Day ago
Man forgot to add a flash warning lmao
mathias _925
mathias _925 2 days ago
The good thing wit jj is that he doesn’t make his uk accent noticeable cuz a lot of yk rap is kinda ded cuz of that reason
Ahmad Bin Usman
Ahmad Bin Usman 2 days ago
If JJ used his normal voice this Sind would’ve been a banger, he shouldn’t have auto tuned it to the deep voice. Like even Simon and Randolph said this song is a skip in the album
VividDreamzzz 2 days ago
Is it just more or is it like the more you listen to it the more on-beat it gets?
Trchdragon Phoenix
Trchdragon Phoenix 3 days ago
Lrezei 3 days ago
Found out I have epilepsy
Rahma ABdi
Rahma ABdi 3 days ago
He’s collabing with music giants I wouldn’t be suprised if he collabs with quavo drake Chris brown dj khaled and the other guy from Migos too
Kevin Ambundo
Kevin Ambundo 3 days ago
He got a real hard verse from Set too🔥
Pati Lalovic
Pati Lalovic 3 days ago
window cat
Harry Pay
Harry Pay 3 days ago
1:24 that looks so much like juice... 😔
The Black spooderman
The Black spooderman 3 days ago
Pepega 3 days ago
Jeremy The gamer
Jeremy The gamer 4 days ago
Madeline P
Madeline P 4 days ago
mikromunaritari 4 days ago
Just realised that he has a channel with 22,3 million views and one with 11,8 million lmao
лук герцог
лук герцог 4 days ago
hah nice one and i watched it again because it is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood see you on reddit KSI
Cactus Plays
Cactus Plays 4 days ago
I can't be no friends with no racist cop. Rip george floyd
Owen Burton
Owen Burton Day ago
George was a criminal
Dr Bannter
Dr Bannter 2 days ago
@Cactus Plays so
Cactus Plays
Cactus Plays 2 days ago
@Dr Bannter yet you still have a marvel pfp in 2021
Dr Bannter
Dr Bannter 4 days ago
Liam Pro
Liam Pro 4 days ago
Offset carried this
Gagor Kay
Gagor Kay 5 days ago
was that ksi act or for real
XARZ 5 days ago
Mans doing blood signs 1:12
John king King john
John king King john 5 days ago
Is this rude ever gonna stop drake next
Ibrahim Madkour
Ibrahim Madkour 5 days ago
AopGunshotzzz 5 days ago
This is trash!!
Mahad Bahad
Mahad Bahad 5 days ago
Koper 6 days ago
Kyo 2004
Kyo 2004 6 days ago
Jdjdj Nsnsns
Jdjdj Nsnsns 6 days ago
offset carried ksi yeh hes good but offset in this vid soz he carried
@Harry Pay offset carried
Owen Burton
Owen Burton Day ago
@Harry Pay offset carried lad
Harry Pay
Harry Pay 3 days ago
Harry Jakob
Harry Jakob 6 days ago
Offset was crazy on this no 🧢
evie unwin
evie unwin 6 days ago
I love this but I don’t like that it isn’t JJs real voice it’s auto tune but it’s still sick
EnJay 6 days ago
Damn this made it to the mrbeast rewind lol
EnJay 6 days ago
Damn this made it to the mrbeast rewind lol
Daniel Willims
Daniel Willims 6 days ago
My favorite rapper
Uzii 6 days ago
travis vibes
Michał 7 days ago
JJs verse on this is massively underrated
AitchBee :D
AitchBee :D 7 days ago
Imagine someone who went into a coma the day jj released heskey time thinking jj was a shit artist to wake up and be like: “this is a bit of an upgrade”
Cactus Plays
Cactus Plays 4 days ago
Heskey time is goated
debilek 7 days ago
nech me wankovat neser me tvyma blbostma
Vikrum Datta
Vikrum Datta 7 days ago
I need more of this ksi the dance music is still fire but this shit just hits different
Swh - سوح
Swh - سوح 7 days ago
Window cat yeah window cat yeah 😎😌
Sebastien Xu
Sebastien Xu 7 days ago
Ksi not even using the word cap right
superjetnext 7 days ago
1:00 This verse from offset
dorsalvstorm 7 days ago
this is getting old no offense though in my opinion
YoVize 8 days ago
anyone getting travis scott vibes from the beginning
Lucas 8 days ago
The start of this video should be a seizure warning 😂 good job
James Jerman
James Jerman 8 days ago
This song honestly goes fucking hard, i love this song so much
ZK201 8 days ago
This is colldddddddddddddddddddss
Hh Jh
Hh Jh 8 days ago
Offset carried
RandomAlex 8 days ago
There is a some auto tune but still fire
Cath Johnson
Cath Johnson 8 days ago
stop the cap
Marcus Ethan Abiera
Marcus Ethan Abiera 8 days ago
JJ aproved with colaborating with one of the most famous rappers in the world
Wavy Daylon
Wavy Daylon 9 days ago
Bro this he went off🔥🔥🔥🔥
Svetoslav Ungureanu
Svetoslav Ungureanu 9 days ago
Offset really saved this song
Lidl Asu
Lidl Asu 9 days ago
oh shit lil griz
KOM 9 days ago
I put a drill beat over Red alert By KSI and Randolph ! Would mean the world to me if you'd check it out 💖
Stirfry69 10 days ago
1:52 LOL
Pat T.Kakes
Pat T.Kakes 10 days ago
Sorry jj but this song is terrible
Chase Malone
Chase Malone 10 days ago
You won the Logan puol fight by bad call
Tarleah Smith
Tarleah Smith 10 days ago
Hey jj I would love to see the whole video but because of the flashlights I cannot watch all you are doing a fantastic job keep it up
Shiv Shah
Shiv Shah 10 days ago
Why does this not have more views it fye!🔥🔥
KOM 10 days ago
I Put a Drill Beat Over Drama by Behzinga , Would mean the World if you Check it out💖 !
Damian Sneller
Damian Sneller 11 days ago
Who is that lady in the middle at 2:45
the Side walk enforcer
the Side walk enforcer 11 days ago
JJ should have Drake for his next feature!
Harviyo 12 days ago
Pablo ASHES 12 days ago
Offset verse goes lowkey hard tbh
Yousifgamer 007
Yousifgamer 007 11 days ago
When his verse start iget goosebumps literally
RawStarMon 12 days ago
Andres Barnes
Andres Barnes 13 days ago
World’s best song
Master M
Master M 13 days ago
Best song ever
colin dwyer
colin dwyer 14 days ago
Congrats for making it to Mr. Beast rewind of 2020. You guys deserve it.
NonceTV 14 days ago
i replay the "dont" at the start atleast a hundred times everyday
NonceTV 14 days ago
i swear to fucking god this is his best banger
Ibrahim Madkour
Ibrahim Madkour 14 days ago
I really like this song 🎵
Jusstis 14 days ago
Went offset hops on the verse it’s cold
GAGAL SARJANA 14 days ago
Am from Indonesia ,helllooo🇮🇩🇮🇩
supreme egg80
supreme egg80 15 days ago
I thought my headset died in the begining
Dee Wolf
Dee Wolf 15 days ago
This ain't it JJ tbh...
GodStatus 15 days ago
who else came for offset
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants 16 days ago
You could kind of hear this song in the background of mrbeast 2020 rewind
Brent Steven
Brent Steven 16 days ago
the guy who made auto tune must be rich af
Andrew Steven Murray
Andrew Steven Murray 16 days ago
Kiss the eye
Yassine Ayad
Yassine Ayad 16 days ago
Lyrics: Don't I cannot pretend if I don't I can tell the fake from the fraud Out here checking chips for the bank That's why I can't be no friends with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, bitch, that's cap Fuck up the city My bitch she bad and she did it Put the Patek on her arm, she litty Ice, ice cold, cold, frigid I was on the road, kilo, tryna get it I will not sell my soul for a billion Drop Mulsanne, gotcha main man Ridin' through the city when I fuck with the gang Shawty got stuck with the gang Bent the Benz, take her, we pullin' up Range These niggas cap, they lame I'ma put the AP on, make it rain She bad, she a animal, get tamed Pouring up the mud in the Fanta drank Homes, you a dud I'ma hit you with the flame Took these hoes, Offset and the gang These niggas broke, ooh, shame, oh, shame Bust my neck, my wrist, my frames Bust your bitch, give the rest to the gang Bust my clip, fuck a vest I got aim Fuck nigga talkin' on Twitter, say your name I'ma pay ten rack, they gon' eat your brain Ridin' in the Benz Maybach, what's your name? I'ma drip, drip Gucci down, Gucci 'caine I cannot pretend if I don't (if I don't) I can tell the fake from the fraud (from the fraud) Out here checking chips for the bank (we the bank) That's why I can't be no friends with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, bitch, that's cap Coolin', a bitch tryna find me My bread, that shit cookin', it's grimey The product they're selling like pallets My putty, I glue it like Pritt Stick Payin' the crystal for surfing Catchin' a wave, nigga fishin' People hissin', cuttin' their hands in the kitchen Snakey slimes, they sell out a mate for dimes Pay 200k for rhymes, I get 200k for the views I paid 500k for a cat I got 500k for that river Niggas on different cheddar Fuck around with that blue cheese and that mozzarella Edit the show, got my blue trees Open the garden with few keys Hellen Keller, won't show when I panic I don't stop winnin', I swear I'm an addict Automatic, competition is viewless Cinematic when I kill it like Kula They go manic, they don't win, I'm in it Overtime when I dunk and it's scenic, ayy, ayy I cannot pretend if I don't (if I don't) I can tell the fake from the fraud (from the fraud) Out here checking chips for the bank (we the bank) That's why I can't be no friends with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, with no cap, with no cap With no cap, bitch, that's cap, ayy
Mamiizo _8
Mamiizo _8 16 days ago
0:59 - 1:41
Mamiizo _8
Mamiizo _8 16 days ago
Offset carried it 💯💯💯
obey ari3s
obey ari3s 16 days ago
why is this music video so underrated :((((
Jason The one
Jason The one 17 days ago
No cap
TL Frosty
TL Frosty 17 days ago
black darkness
black darkness 17 days ago
is he saying “window cap” or “with no cap” because it sounds like window cap
black darkness
black darkness 16 days ago
just keep replaying at 2:05 and you will hear it
black darkness
black darkness 16 days ago
2:05 its sooooo window cap
black darkness
black darkness 16 days ago
it’s definitely window cap
black darkness
black darkness 16 days ago
i think its window cap
black darkness
black darkness 16 days ago
Death_ 17 days ago
Words JJ said: Yeah. NOTHING ELSE.
ryan spence
ryan spence 17 days ago
dang this song lit u no absolute fire
Jason Felix23
Jason Felix23 17 days ago
Offset went hard 🚫🧢
Technically Bullish
Technically Bullish 17 days ago
Popping 🥇
Daniel Carbone
Daniel Carbone 17 days ago
You sing with autotune again bruh and you losing a fan.
Thomas wubalem
Thomas wubalem 17 days ago
this guy used to be a fifa gamer
Deha SAZANER 18 days ago
The thing is offset doesn't know his own verse
anonymous 18 days ago
Im here after hearing it in the 2020 rewind
Z E A L I O N X2
Z E A L I O N X2 18 days ago
Lets be honest we only came here for offset 😂
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